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Reapers guide

Post by Këira on Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:08 pm

Since many people of my guild are reapers that or they don´t had domain it, or they are undergeared or they are just new trying the new class I seach a little the internet for a guide that can help you, I don´t know if its good or not but at least its complete so I hpe its worthy.

1. Introduction

The time has come to harness the power of darkness. These mysterious Elins known as Reapers are dark, agile warriors capable of unleashing a mixture of close-ranged and mid-ranged DPS with their pair of chained sickles that stretches out at a set distance. They can perform many AoE skills and have many other shadowy tricks to outsmart their opponents.
You need at least one level 40 or higher character of any race and class on the same server you are in to create the new Reaper class on that server, which starts off at level 50. You cannot start the new class at Level 1. You will begin in an exclusive area just for Reapers where the destruction of Pora Elinu has already taken place. This area is your training camp that teaches the fundementals of Reapers while you are progressing through the story quest along the way to earn gear, crystals, items, and new skills. You will earn levels as you go, all the way up to level 57. Once you are finished in the new area, you will be teleported in front of Kaiator's Command Center to turn in your final quest to reach Level 58 where you can begin your story quest at Pathfinder Post.

Since the release on the Korean servers, I've been playing this class immeasurably to learn their playstyle and what they are capable of. It's fun and stylish with lots of potential in the right hands, so hopefully you might be able to get a good understanding reading from my perspective and maybe even learn a few tricks that I've discovered. This is by no means a serious guide of any sort, but to go more in-depth about how they can perform. Thank you very much for your support and enjoy.

2. Skill List and Glyphs
Ratings: Green = Worthy | Yellow = Decent | Red = Not Useful
All skill information and strengths are listed if you are level 60.

Spiral Barrage II
Level 50 | 0 MP | 385, 542, 585, 785, 1305 Base DMG | No Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Similar to Combo Attack. Skill reaches 8m away to hit your targets in a wide arc in front of you, and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage with up to five hits, with the fifth hit dealing substantially more damage. The 4th & 5th consecutive attack hits twice and the 5th consecutive attack swings the weapon around you hitting anyone within range. You can use this skill as you are moving forward to make it easier to reach your target.

[5] Glyph of Piercing
15% chance to deal double damage. You shouldn't be using this all that much to make this worth it anyways.
[4] Glyph of Spirit
Increases MP regeneration by 20%. Shadow Lash skill is a better option to get MP back quick.
[4] Glyph of the Swift
10% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds. Possibility can be useful for PvP?
[7] Glyph of Carving
Doubles crit rate. Not worth it.

Shadow Step I
Level 50 | 0 MP | 0 Base DMG | 5 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Dash 7m towards the direction you are moving while avoiding taking damage. This skill can be used twice in a row. After using the skill once, you can delay it up to 4 seconds to use again, if not, cooldown will NOT be applied.

[4] Glyph of Energy
Decrease cooldown by 15%. Reduces it to 4.2 second cooldown that I find very useful for PvP. For PvE it might help if you need more mobility and i-frames against a boss.
[6] Glyph of Fleetfoot
Increases movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. I hate the heavy cost, but 50% additional movement speed that can proc twice in a row adds incredible mobility for Reaper. You can make good use of this glyph in PvP, and maybe I could see some use for it on PvE if you are fighting a BAM that moves way too much.

Retribution II
Level 50 | 150 MP | 1729 Base DMG | 14 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Wrap yourself in a dark barrier to protect you from any harm for 2 seconds. If attacked while inside the barrier, you will ignore all damage and debuffs and then immediately charge towards the enemy 10m from where you stand dealing damage with a very high crit chance. If you get hit from an enemy far away, then you'll remain where you stand.

[4] Glyph of Energy
Decrease cooldown by 20%. Reduces it to 11.2 second cooldown. This helps getting out of messy situations in PvP, but if you become too dependent on it then your opponent might bait you on using it that leaves you wide open. For PvE, it's great for solo purposes and even BAMs that attacks very frequent.

Retaliate II
Level 50 | 0 MP | 1131 Base DMG | 15 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Icon looks a bit different but it works just like any ordinary Retaliate skill. It gets you back on your feet!

[3] Glyph of Power
Increases skill damage by 20%. It's funny how other classes has a +25% damage glyph for this and Reaper does not. Still a bad glyph though.
[3] Glyph of Energy
Decreases cooldown by 20%. If you get knocked down often in PvP, you may need to use this.

Veil of Shadows
Level 50 | 0 Base DMG | 10 Mins Cooldown | Passive Skill | [DEMO]
The moment death comes to you, you'll be knocked down and enter the veil of shadows where you survive with 15% HP remaining for 7 seconds. All damage taken are reduced by 50% and you cannot receive any healing effects at this time. If you can manage to survive for 7 seconds, you will recover 30% from your max HP and be back to your normal state. Stamina will not decrease when you survive and all your buffs will not disappear either.

This passive skill does work in PvP formats such as Duels, Fraywind Canyon, Corsair Stronghold, and even Skyring.

Double Shear II
Level 50 | 100 MP | 837 Base DMG | 6 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Flick a quick slice toward your targets hitting twice in a wide arc within 8m in front of you that can stagger monsters. This skill's damage is doubled when used it in a chain with [Grim Strike], [Pendulum Strike], [Whipsaw], [Death Spiral], [Smite], [Shadow Lash], or the 3rd/4th/5th consecutive hit with [Spiral Barrage].

In PvP, this skill staggers players.

[4] Glyph of Restoration
Immediately restores 1.5% HP. Skill hits twice so it's pretty much like 3% recovery from your Max HP. This might not be bad if you are doing a solo run if you really need it.
[5] Glyph of Powerlink
Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Grim Strike. You are more likely to chain into this skill often so the power boost is definitely worth it for PvE.

Grim Strike II
Level 51 | 200 MP | 1920 Base DMG | 9 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Sling the chains front and behind you doing close range damage for the first hit as it extends and slams the blades down into the ground in front of you doing AoE damage within 6~10m for the second hit. The blades will return back to you for the third hit. You can use this skill as you are moving forward to push yourself closer to your targets. You can activate this skill faster if you first use [Double Shear], [Pendulum Strike], [Whipsaw], [Death Spiral], [Smite], [Shadow Lash], or the 3rd/4th/5th consecutive hit with [Spiral Barrage].

[5] Glyph of Persistence
30% chance to eliminate cooldown. This is your PvE staple skill so a chance for it to reset will boost your DPS performance. For some reason you can use Grim Strike again if it resets and the skill will activate faster anyways.
[2] Glyph of Blaze
Speeds casting by 25% for Double Shear, the next skill in chain. This can be useful for PvP if you can get this skill off quick and chain into Sundering Strike for that guaranteed knockdown. Your timing and attack speed will be highly dependent to make this work.

Pendulum Strike I
Level 52 | 100 MP | 703 Base DMG | 15 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Strike your enemy as you leap 7m backwards from your target. If the target is a monster, the target will be immobilized for 3 seconds. You can use Pendulum Strike in a chain to interrupt your own skill actions. A great skill that also helps reposition yourself or leap over your target to get behind them.

For PvP, this skill causes stagger to players. Rooting will not be applied for PvP.

[3] Glyph of Power
Increases skill damage by 25%. Base damage is quite low so I really don't recommend this unless you have points to spare.
[4] Glyph of Energy
Decrease cooldown by 20%. This is a flexible skill that can be used often so I find this glyph worthy for PvE and PvP.
[4] Glyph of Carving
Increases the crit chance for the next chain skill by 30%: Whipsaw for 5 seconds. I haven't seen this kind of glyph before that shows a percentage but Whipsaw does do decent damage if a majority of those hits crit. I'm just going to settle it as a decent glyph since the new content will boost everyone's crit rate substantially and needs testing if it's worth it to you.

Whipsaw I
Level 53 | 200 MP | 1329 Base DMG | 15 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Fling your scythes 8m in front of you where it spins like a saw hitting multiple targets. The attack can cause staggering on monsters. A passive skill is automatically learned where each hit from Whipsaw will recover 1.5% of your max HP. You can chain this skill if you first use [Spiral Barrage], [Double Shear], or [Pendulum Strike].

For PVP, each hit from this skill will add a 10% healing debuff that stacks up to five times. Debuff duration will last 10 seconds. The skill also causes stagger from the first hit.

[5] Glyph of Power
Increases skill damage by 25%. This glyph is helpful if you support it with other glyphs around it.
[4] Glyph of Energy
Decrease Cooldown by 20%. If you glyphed Pendulum Strike for decreased cooldown, then do the same for this skill as well. Also good to apply PvP pressure very often against players.
[5] Glyph of Numbing
20% chance to decrease opponent's attack speed by 10% (stack up to 5 times) for 7 seconds. Only for PvP purposes, but with low odds and it being cleansable, it may not be worth it.

Sundering Strike II
Level 54 | 250 MP | 2287 Base DMG | 21 Secs Cooldown | 2.4 Secs Cast Time | [DEMO]
Launch a devastating attack in a straight line 12m in front of you that has a high chance to knockdown monsters. A dark circle will be placed 12m from where you stand that explodes 3 seconds later dealing additional damage. Sundering Strike inflicts more damage to enemies with lower HP. You can cancel this skill early with Rapid Steps without putting this skill on CD. You can use this skill as you are moving forward to push yourself closer to your targets. You can activate this skill faster if you first use [Double Shear] or [Grim Strike].

For PVP, the first hit will cause a knockdown to multiple targets in range of this skill.

[5] Glyph of Power
Increases skill damage by 15%. It doesn't seem much of an increase, but the damage boost is great to have for this powerful skill so use it.
[6] Glyph of Carving
Doubles crit rate. Devastating damage with double crit rate is hard to pass up.

Cable Step I
Level 55 | 150 MP | 972 Base DMG | 15 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Throws the scythe like a hook to capture a target within 18m and pulls you toward the target. This skill will also cause your target to be stunned for a few seconds.

[2] Glyph of Energy
Decrease cooldown by 20%. Only 2 points and this skill is deadly for PvP. Use it.
[2] Glyph of Haste
If this skill hits successfully, the next skill will be 50% much faster. This is made just for Shadow Burst, but I would probably use this more for PvP.
[3] Glyph of Powerlink
Increase skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Shadow Burst. Using this along with Glyph of Haste can be a deadly combo for PvP. You can organize your rotations to use this next for PvE as well. A nice glyph for your powerful skill.

Death Spiral I
Level 56 | 150, 150 MP | 1182, 1182 Base DMG | 12 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Spin the chains in a 720 degree arc, dealing damage to all enemies around you within 9m from where you stand that hits up to four times. Each hit from this skill reduces the monster's movement speed by 70% for 5 seconds. This skill can be used twice in a row. After using the skill once, you can delay it up to 6 seconds to use again, if not, cooldown WILL be applied.

For PvP, players will not receive movement speed debuff when getting hit by this skill. Only works on monsters.

[5] Glyph of Power
Increases skill damage by 25%. Anything is good to boost your DPS, but this skill is mostly used to chain to your core skills.
[4] Glyph of Lingering
Increase the effect duration by 50%. Going from 5 to about 8 seconds. Not really worth it against monsters.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink
Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Double Shear. Double Shear receives double the base damage by chaining from Death Spiral and with this glyph you'll receive an additional 20%.
[4] Glyph of Powerlink
Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 20%: Grim Strike. If chained properly with two powerlink glyphs, Grim Strike can receive a 40% damage increase.

Shadow Burst I
Level 57 | 350, 350 MP | 3838, 1954 Base DMG | 30 Secs Cooldown | 1.2 Secs Cast Time | [DEMO]
Gathering dark energy into your weapon and strike the ground to create an explosion doing massive damage within 9m from where you stand. You may trigger the skill again after the first explosion within a short time frame with a high chance of knocking your opponents down towards your direction. You cannot be knocked down or staggered in the middle of casting this skill, however stun or sleep can interrupt you. You can cancel the first animation by moving in any direction without putting this skill on cooldown.

In PvP, the 2nd hit from this skill will knockdown players towards your direction.

[4] Glyph of Energy
Decreases cooldown by 20%. Helps get this skill off more often for your strongest burst skill for your class.
[4] Glyph of Haste
Increases casting speed by 17%. You can probably pass this for PvE since you could glyph Cable Step to give Shadow Burst a 50% additional speed boost, but this glyph can be devastating to quickly deal AoE damage and knockdown enemies in PvP.

Smite I
Level 58 | 100 MP | 1048 Base DMG | 20 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Leap into the air to deliver a large swing in front and a little bit behind you, stunning all targets in range for 2.5 seconds. You can use this skill as you are moving forward to push yourself closer to your targets. A passive skill is automatically learned where it will deal double the damage on knocked down enemies.

[5] Glyph of Energy
Decreases cooldown by 25%. For PvP, anything to get your CC off more is better.
[5] Glyph of Lingering
Increases effect duration by 25%, extending stun duration from 2.5 to 3.1 seconds. Worth the small increase to keep the pressure going.

Shadow Lash I
Level 59 | 0 MP | 1901, 1901, 1901, 1901 Base DMG | 30 Secs Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Standing completely still while unleashing a barrage of whips reaching 8m in front of you and generate MP. Skill hits 4 times and can be used up to 4 consecutive times. Cooldown will apply after you stop using this skill completely. If you have some free time behind the BAM, the damage will be significant. Staggering can also apply to certain monsters or BAMs. You can hold down this skill to use all four consecutive strikes in a row.

[5] Glyph of Energy
Decrease cooldown by 25%. I like this skill to keep MP in good shape and it actually does decent damage, but you may have trouble having enough points to glyph this for PvE.
[3] Glyph of Spirit
Increase MP regeneration by 20%. The skill recovers a ton of MP as it is and this glyph would only give you 192 more MP if you land all 16 hits.

Soul Reversal I
Level 60 | 300, 300 MP | 803, 0 Base DMG | 24 Sec Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Shoot a shadowy ball in a straight line reaching 20m. If it successfully hits the target, you have 10 seconds to use the skill again to switch places with the target and stun them for a brief moment. The maximum distance you need to be to switch places is 40m from your target. You'll have an indicator above your head letting you know that you are able to swap positions. This skill also places a DoT debuff on your target that damages them for 3454 every 2 seconds for up to 10 seconds. If you swap positions early, the DoT debuff will disappear. Some enemies inside dungeons and BAMs will not be able to switch places, but using the skill again on them will only stun them if they are not immune to it.

In PvP, if you hit the target with this skill, they will receive a debuff that damages them for 3454 every 2 seconds for up to 10 seconds. You can switch positions with your target within the 10 second window unless your target gets cleansed from the debuff.

[3] Glyph of Brilliance
Reduces MP cost by 150 for each use. Not really worth the MP reduction cost.
[4] Glyph of Energy
Decrease cooldown by 25%. Could be good for PvP. This skill does a chunk of DoT.

Shadow Reaping I
Level 60 | 400 MP | 0 Base DMG | 3 Min Cooldown | Instant Cast Time | [DEMO]
Engulf yourself in a dark aura for 15 seconds that reduces the cooldown by 70% of the following: [Grim Strike], [Double Shear], [Pendulum Strike], [Whipsaw], [Sundering Strike], [Death Spiral], [Cable Step], [Smite], and [Retaliate]. Make sure you have full MP before using this!

[2] Glyph of Brilliance
Reduces MP cost by 150. You don't use this skill that often with its long cooldown so don't bother glyphing this.
[5] Glyph of Lingering
Increases effect duration by 30%. Makes it from 15 to 19.5 seconds duration. I would say this glyph is worth it for PvE and PvP, but you have to decide if you can make really good use of that extra 4.5 seconds with a heavy glyph cost that you can only use once every 3 minutes.

3. Chainable Skills
Reapers are very flexible when it comes down to chaining skills. Here is a list to make it a bit easier to know your options. It's important to understand which set of skills you can properly chain together to make the best out of your DPS. If you end up chaining random skills and everything goes on cooldown, you'll end up awkwardly pausing until you find a rhythm that works for you. Get used to knowing which skills can chain effectively for both PvE and PvP. Remember that PvP combos are much different than PvE to go for the kill.

  • Spiral Barrage 3rd/4th/5th hit -> Double Shear
  • Spiral Barrage 3rd/5th/5th hit -> Grim Strike
  • Spiral Barrage -> Whipsaw 
  • Double Shear -> Grim Strike
  • Double Shear -> Whipsaw
  • Double Shear -> Sundering Strike
  • Grim Strike -> Double Shear
  • Grim Strike -> Sundering Strike
  • Pendulum Strike -> Double Shear
  • Pendulum Strike -> Grim Strike
  • Pendulum Strike -> Whipsaw
  • Whipsaw -> Double Shear
  • Whipsaw -> Grim Strike
  • Death Spiral -> Double Shear
  • Death Spiral -> Grim Strike
  • Smite -> Double Shear
  • Smite -> Grim Strike
  • Shadow Lash -> Double Shear
  • Shadow Lash -> Grim Strike

Shadow Step and Pendulum Strike can be used in a chain to cancel out of your skills.
In order to maximize your DPS, you'll need to make use of their powerlink glyphs that involves using one skill to increase the attack power on the next chainable skill. You should be familar with this already since other classes have the same powerlink setups just like Reaper does. Here are some examples on which ones you can use to improve the skill damage with glyphs.
PvE Basic Combos
Cable Step -> Shadow Burst
A simple combo that is meant for these two skills to chain together. Glyph Cable Step to increase the skill power of Shadow Burst by 20%. There's another glyph that speeds up your next skill by 50% and that will help speed up the animation when casting Shadow Burst.
Cable Step -> Shadow Lash
Cable Step glyph for 50% increased attack speed for the next skill works wonders for speeding up Shadow Lash since it's your slowest skill. You may be thinking that you should save Cable Step for Shadow Burst, but if you glyph Cable Step for reduced cooldown then you'll be able to fit Cable Step -> Shadow Burst and then when Cable Step is off cooldown while Shadow Burst is still recovering, go ahead and use Cable Step -> Shadow Lash. Rinse and Repeat.
Pendulum Strike -> Whipsaw
Another one that can go together and both skills share the same cooldowns. Pendulum Strike has a glyph to increase the crit chance of Whipsaw by 30%. Combine that with glyphing Whipsaw for 25% more damage and it can potentially improve your DPS. This combo is debatable to rely on its crit chance and the newer contents might give you enough crit rate where this glyph might not make a difference. If you don't plan on glyphing these two skills for this combination, then you don't have to always chain these two skills together then.
Death Spiral -> Double Shear -> Grim Strike
Death Spiral has two powerlink glyphs to increase damage for both Double Shear and Grim Strike by 20%. Double Shear will receive another damage boost where the base damage is doubled when you chain Death Spiral to this skill. Finally, Double Shear has a powerlink glyph to increase Grim Strike damage by 20% so you'll end up benefiting from the double powerlink bonuses. This simple combo can be used depending if you have it glyphed properly.
To get more advanced, you'll need to remember what skills you can chain together and become comfortable enough to the point that it becomes second-nature to you. You will not learn how to play Reaper if you are too dependent on your chain key (spacebar by default) to chain these skills for you. It'll be hard at first, but you'll get the hang of it with practice, so don't rely on a set rotation. Just go with the flow and you'll find that it's much more fun to play Reaper that way than to follow a linear rotation. Just remember to utilize your glyph setups with your chainable skills.
PvE Advanced Combos
Pendulum Strike -> Whipsaw -> Double Shear -> Grim Strike -> Sundering Strike
This is Reaper's standard combo that you can practice with. It chains well together and it makes good uses for your glyph setups too.

Death Spiral -> Double Shear -> Grim Strike [RESET] -> Death Spiral -> Grim Strike -> Sundering Strike -> Smite -> Double Shear
Take what you've seen from the Basic Combo section and step it up a notch. Death Spiral has two powerlink glyphs that boost Grim Strike and Double Shear by 20%. Since Double Shear has a glyph for 30% chance to reset cooldown, you can keep it going by making good use of these Chain Powerlink glyphs. You don't need to follow exactly like this depending on which powerlink glyphs you are using.

Cable Step -> Shadow Burst -> Shadow Reaping
Repeating Option #1: Death Spiral -> Double Shear -> Grim Strike -> Sundering Strike
Repeating Option #2: Pendulum Strike -> Whipsaw -> Grim Strike -> Sundering Strike
I personally like to start with Cable Step into Shadow Burst because of the long cooldown before I use the Shadow Reaping self-buff. You can make use of these chainable skills repeatedly that relies on your glyph build or just create your own style. While Shadow Reaping is active, you'll want to make full use of it by spamming Sundering Strike as much as you can during the 15 second period, or longer if you use Glyph of Lingering where it becomes 19.5 seconds. Your main focus is to use Sundering Strike every time when it's off cooldown as much as you can.

Do not look at this as a rotation that you must follow. This is a guideline on how to manage your cooldowns and keep a steady pace on using skills without stopping. You'll have to use glyphs and Nostrum of Energy for reduced cooldowns, and experiment with attack speeds and everything else to find what works for you.

What I will say next may be obvious to some of you. Just have fun with this class and don't get too worked up over these combos. I've kept this mindset of just having fun with the class that made me become better at learning how to chain skills together and create my own style for Reapers that works for me.

4. Glyph Setups
The good thing about Reaper is that they don't carry that many useless glyphs compared to other classes. Master Glyphs are not available for Reapers at this time or ever until we hear something from the Korean developers. I have many different playstyles for PvE, but I'm not confident on showcasing my PvP setup due to ping issues from the Korean server, but I'll be more than happy to share what I've used to give you an idea, or maybe my setups will work for you.

This is your standard glyph format that you can play around with. There are cooldown reductions on Pendulum Strike and Whipsaw for you to use that setup more often without you awkwardly pausing due to cooldowns.

This is the glyph that I'm using since I'm familar with Reapers very much to take advantage of powerlink chains and utlitizing Cable Step to be used for Burst of Darkness and Shadow Whip. Make sure to use Nostrums of Energy V if you want to use my setup. I change things around so I won't be using this all the time, but this setup really takes advantage of Glyph of Powerlinks.

You can get rid of Death Spiral glyph of powerlink and use a more complex setup to keep the pressure going.

5. Skill Range
Positioning is very important for Reapers to use their skills to their full potential. They may be ranged DPS, but there are plenty of skills that don't reach as far as you think or you may have to get closer to land all the hits. These numbers are a rough estimate by using a player as an example, but do remember that monsters with larger hitboxes are more forgiving for your skills to reach.

Double Shear: 0~8m (2 hits)
Sundering Strike: 0~12m (2 hits) / 13~17m (1 hit)
Grim Strike: 0~5m (3 hits) / 6~10m (2 hits)
Death Spiral: 0~8m (4 hits)
Whipsaw: 0~7m (2 hits) / 8~10m (7 hits) / 11~13m (5 hits)
Smite: 0~7m (1 hit)
Pendulum Strike: 0~8m (1 hit)
Shadow Lash: 0~8m (16 hits)
Shadow Burst: 0~9m (2 hits)
Soul Reversal: 0~22m (1 hit)
Cable Step: 0~18 (1 hit)

6. PvP Skill Effects
Here are the skills that affects players on PvP that are guaranteed to work.

Double Shear
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
PvP Effect: Stagger (1st hit)

Pendulum Strike
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
PvP Effect: Stagger

Cooldown: 15 Seconds
PvP Effect: Stagger (1st hit) & 10% healing debuff for each hit that stacks up to five times that lasts for 10 seconds.

Sundering Strike
Cooldown: 21 Seconds
PvP Effect: Knockdown (1st hit)

Soul Reversal
Cooldown: 24 Seconds
PvP Effect: Adds DoT on target doing 3454 damage every 2 seconds for up to 10 seconds. Skill used again before 10 seconds will swap positions with the target and stun them.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds
PvP Effect: Stun

Cable Step
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
PvP Effect: Stun

7. Base Stats

A comparsion between Reaper and other DPS classes.

8. Gear
Reapers wear leather armor, but once they are released, they will be heavily limited on what gear they can use. You cannot craft or equip Visionmaker, Nightforge, or even Strikeforce gear and old leather gear won't work on them either. The best-in-slot gear is Wonderholme gear, for now.

Just continue using the story quest gear until you reach level 60. The non-enchantable gear from Balder's Temple solo will be available for Reapers and the strength will be equivalent to Steadfast +9. Then the next gear upgrade is Wonderholme. They will have to wait a bit longer for the new content to come out to get more gearing options.

If you receive a Wonderholme chest piece for Reaper, here are the following rerollable options for skill bonus. This list also applies to future chest pieces for this class.

9. Cooldown Reductions
Glyph Cooldown Reduction (20~25%)
Shadow Step: 5 > 4.2 secs
Retribution: 14 > 11.2 secs
Retaliate: 15 > 12 secs
Pendulum Strike: 15 > 12 secs
Whipsaw: 15 > 12 secs
Cable Step: 15 > 12 secs
Shadow Burst: 30 > 24 secs
Smite: 20 > 15 secs
Shadow Lash: 30 > 22.5 secs
Soul Reversal: 24 > 18 secs

Ranger's Nostrum (red) - Ranged Skill (15%)
Cable Step: 15 > 12.75 secs
Soul Reversal: 24 > 20.4 secs

Nostrum of Energy (blue) - Close-ranged Skill (15%)
Pendulum Strike: 15 > 12.75 secs
Whipsaw: 15 > 12.75 secs
Double Shear: 6 > 5.1 secs
Grim Strike: 9 > 7.65 secs
Sundering Strike: 21 > 17.85 secs
Death Spiral: 12 > 10.2 secs
Smite: 20 > 17 secs
Shadow Lash: 30 > 25.5 secs
Retribution: 14 > 11.9 secs
Shadow Burst: 30 > 25.5 secs
Retaliate: 15 > 12.75 secs

10. Reaper Tips

  • The Glyph of Powerlink from Double Shear (20%) and Death Spiral (20%) will stack to 40% extra damage on Grim Strike.
  • Each hit from Shadow Lash gives 60 MP per hit. So a full 16-hit from this skill will give you 960 MP back or 1152 MP if glyphed. Reaper's max MP is roughly around 2235~2535 if your stamina is good so it'll generate roughly 40% of your max MP.
  • When using Grim Strike, if you wait until the chains pull back towards you, it will land the third hit on your target that does decent amount of damage. This can be easily overlooked, thinking that as soon as the blades hit the ground then you chain into another skill right away. Helps for PvE, but you can ignore this tip for PvP.
  • Retribution has a ridiculously high crit chance when you damage the attacker.
  • I recommend not relying on your automatic chain links the best you can (aka spacebar ez mode).
  • Moving forward as you use Spiral Barrage, Grim Strike, Sundering Strike, or Smite will push you further.
  • You can delay each of the consectuive strikes from Shadow Lash for a short moment.
  • If Grim Strike cooldown resets, you can use it again and the skill will come out faster even though tooltip does not mention this.
  • With the skill Pendulum Strike as an example, if we use multiple cooldown reductions like Nostrum of Energy (-15%), Glyph (-20%), and Shadow Reaping (-70%) that doesn't mean that -105% cooldown reduction will make the cooldown become 0. Cooldown reduction formula does not combine the percentages alltogether.
  • When using Shadow Lash, you can just hold down the skill to use the entire consecutive strikes.


-I wild my blade to protect others (Këira)

-I use my edge to cut those who stand against me (Asträea)

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Re: Reapers guide

Post by haruko on Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:28 pm


Un beso Keira ¡¡

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Re: Reapers guide

Post by Këira on Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:58 pm

Thx ^^


-I wild my blade to protect others (Këira)

-I use my edge to cut those who stand against me (Asträea)

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Re: Reapers guide

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