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Post by Këira on Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:06 am

Wonderholme Hard Mode
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Ok, welcome to the Wonderholme Hard mode guide, the only reason I create this guide is to help my guildies to do the guild runs on WHHM so would be able to gear all of you reapers as well as other characters to get the necesary gear, so that means 3 things. 1 Everyone who is going to come with me to a WHHM guild run is gonna read this guide. 2 This guide is about only Hard Mode and not Normal Mode because NM has 0 complications and I think any of you is able to tackle, or if not there would be another 9 persons who can do the job for you so there is even the most rookie of all is able to do NM. 3 This is the isntance I HATE the most so if we are going to make a guild run is gonna be fast, painless and QUICK because I HATE this isntance a lot!!!

And why I hate it so much? Wonderholme is basically a easy isntance because not any single enemy must have special moves or attacks that you need to be extremely good to survive or tank it (perhaps the only one it would be the giant on double cage) but what you need to do in order to survive is just being very familiarized with some patterns or mechanics very very easy and dumb, and having the enough brain to make it when you need to do, not doing it on time or correctly makes wipes. As this isntance I mostly made with random wipes I encountered on the past a lot of rookies/uneskilled/noobs/firstimers that or they didn´t know the basic mechanics or they just don´t care so I faced the death here a lot of times. Besides stetically I don´t like the isntance and its quite long to make it.

Map of Wonderholme and stages
I would explain the isntance according this map to make it as clearly as possible.

Wonderholme Hard Mode Attachment


Before starting the raid everyone should be charmed and buffed, there is always a purple fire campfire on the entrance to have the 30 minutes charm, also all should be wearing until I say the opposite normal enemies crystals (Hunter, Backbiting and Stalwart crux), the guild leader would make a check battle to see that everyone is ready to go and once they are ready the raid begins. It normally without a wipe it would take around 45 minutes, 1 hour if there is some wipes or dps are slow and 30 minutes if the dps are very good and it goes smoothly. Rememeber that if you are lacking of dps for any reason it might be you should start using from here scrolls and noctenium, or at least nostrums.

The raid leader would separate the groups on 2 parties, one of them is gonna have the tank and the priest (the 2 healers they must be priest and mystic or, at least, its gonna be higly recommended) while the other party is gonna have the mystic, the rest of the parties are gonna be assigned to be more or less the same amount of damage. From here on in the party with the tank is gonna be party 1 and party 2 the one with the mystic.

One final thing before start this dungeon is to change the loot to roll the soulbound gear with class restriction, the healer shouldn´t roll for the slayer sword but in fact they always does, so just make it restricted and things will go smoothiers.

Ok now you are ready to go

Stage A

We would be face a normal enemy like the 3º miniboss of LOT, he deals a lot of damage and has a lot of life, also he has 2 special things.
Summon- This guy periodically calls swarms of minions that they would hit the one who got the primamry aggro at this moment, so the healers should be very aware of the healing at this point, Sorceress, reapers and archers should use AOEs skills that reduce as much as posible the amount of enemies, but thats not the priority, face the miniboss.
Obey me- When the enemy says this all people on his surrounds would be stunned for a very long time (like 7 seconds) is blockeable or dodgeable but if you get hitted the healer should dispell as fast as possible at least the tank, since this special moves comes normally with a 3 continuos AOEs on 3, 8 and 15 metters aprox of himself.

Stage B

This stage is just some mobs trash very easy to kill, im not even going to bother saying any specific movement or pattern because there is not, so kill and go ahead

Stage C

Before reaching this spot you would face a line of undeath archers but they dont persuit and they barely hit so just avoid them and keep walking, once you defeat the 2 normal mobs on the gate it would be open, now you would reach a very big chamber separated by a huge metalic fence that, on normal mode you can glytch it to destroy the stone but on hard mode you wont do that unless the raid is highly geared and confident.
Instead the party 2 would remain on that side of the chamber taking care of the 4 pylons that summon periodically monsters while the party 1 (when its open it) would up the stairs that they connect the two sides of the chamber and they would break the stone when they party 2 say it (that means on the moment that all enemies are dead)

Once you break the stone all enemies remains (there shouldn´t be anyone but there is always a few of them scattered around) would get stronger and you will face also the miniboss, the miniboss is the one you could founded on another instances with a lot of AOEs since his greatsword is very huge and also quite deadly, but if the tank keep the aggro there shouldn´t be a lot of problem except when he talks, if you see he start talking he will use a blockeable attack that would put everyone on fear, so that means they are going to very slooooowly walking like headless monkeys without any kind of pattern, the healer should dispell as quick as he can to keep the aggro on the tank or at least to the DPs dont instadie since, as I said, he deals a lot of damage.

Stage D

Along with some explosives mobs and some sort of giant snakes that they trapped you and then summon "some kind of cocodrile that he hits you" or some creepy random thing of TERA there are 3 special enemies you need to be care of, there are 1 on the upper left corner, another one on the upper right corner and the last one on the lower right corner, you need to clear the area so you can activate the lever.

Ghost- The enemy on the right left corner is some kind of ghost that you encounter him many times on a lot of isntances but he is this time quite deadly and harmfull if you are not carefull, before the fight starts one of you must take the aggro with the higher distance of him as possible and attack him so he can put his pool away from him! It happens that this miniboss as the well as the rest of the other ones he get resetted if he go more than 10 or 15 metters (stupid bug) so you need to kill him without goign very far away from him or he will insta reset, also the first character who has the primary aggro will receive on him on a pool with a radium of 5 metters that deals a extremely high perodical damage, so unless you want that the close combat dps cant do absolutely nothing the best thing you can do is receiving that pool as far as you can from the boss.
Once you can do that just normal dps, the rest of patterns are not even worthy to mention.

Creepy hentai-thing with tentacles- the next enemy is on the upper right, neither his attacks or life is very remarkable except for a special moves he does that he copy himself, creating another 1, 2 or even a lot of copies with same life and damage, no matter what just focus on the real one or he will just copy himself a lot of times, making a stupid fight a hard one.

Monk- The enemy on the lower right corner is some kind of monk that creates a pylon like you saw on LOT, just kill him and put and end to his misery

Once you done and kill the exploisves mobs trapped on the little fence activate the lever so the bridge of platforms can start moving, the only diff with NM is that now they move more to above and below (really.....who invented this dungeons....im feeling on a kindergarden) just....jump. There is a glytch (one of the houndreds that floods this dungeon) that you can be suspended on a little stone on the end of the bridge so you can jump on the final platform without need of jump the whole bridge...look....its just some platforms...just jump for god sake, there is no need to make this glytch but have at your way...

Stage E
Battle on Double Cages

Once you cleared the area you would find a giant squared hall with 2 cages on the middle attached by a bridge, on those 2 cages there are 2 BAMs, a giant type one (like the one on vault) and a lizardman type BAM (like the 1º boss on AC), clear the area, change the cruxes to bosses enemies (and stay that configuration until the end of te dungeon), charm if you need, buffs and assign the party 1 to giant and party 2 to lizard.

Both parties will need to kill the bosses on the same time, if not you will have 30 seconds to finish the remaining boss.
Make sure you acknowledge that they need to stop the dps both parties at 10% to balace the dps on the time of burning it or the monsters would reseted and you will need to kill them again.

This is the hardest enemy of the two bosses, it REALLY hits hard and very repetitivie, for not saying an absurd speed movement he got, from time to time you have a time to dps while he is doing absolutely nothing, the tank must keep the aggro on him the whole time but this is really a hard time for the tank, the different attacks he can do are:

Triple attack - He will deal three consecutives attacks for the one who holds the primmary aggro, Blockeable.

Ice AOE - The primmary or even the one with the secondary aggro will be targeted of a giant ice shard that the giant will throw from his axe, Blockeable.

Jump- He will roar and then jumping creating a powerfull attack from his axe, blockeable

Fist- Be very aware of this attack, this is what it can kills the tanks, before this attack a red glow on his eyes will shows up, after that he will make fist attack that it deals 0 damage but will stun you from like 7 seconds, once you are stunned you are totally a sitting duck from any ongoing attack, the stun debuff can be cleansed by the priest or the mystic so or you got enough life to endure the 7 seconds of "free attacks" or the healer will dispell you or you are dead. Blockeable.

Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge- The giant will put charge with his shoulder to the tank and he makes a EXTRAORDINARY amount of damage, really, this attack with a lower gear is mostly 1 shot and with a good gear at least hits the half of your whole life, you must have a very good timming blocking this attack or you will die on seconds.

This BAM wishes to get killed, because this sloth monster he will just stand on feet...doing nothing, really, is pathetic, the party here is just a free dps while the giant one is much more harder, this are the only 2 attacks he will deal.

Posion pool - After be charging his tail for half a eternity finally he will shot a poison pool that it will deal a decent amount of periodical damage over the time, the funny thing is that the most times he shoots the poison AOE he will shoot to the one who got the primmary aggro on the giant cage (tug life the life of the tank....poor one) so only a few times he will shoot to his own cage. Its unblockeable and put instanly the poison debbuf.

Jump- A very predicitible attack that consist on a very deadly jump, this is the only attack he will deal to your party and the one you should be carefull, but its also very predictible because he will lower his tail below his body to make some kind of "support" of his own weigh...or something closely, just understand that he put his tail below his body is gonna jump. Blockeable.

Once you will defeat both monster go ahead to the next room

Crap....we screwed up...
The tank died against the giant because he didnt blocked the stun and get killed on the charged, or the dps were vesy slower and he run out of resolution, or the healer misses the healing in time, perhaps the dps died on the ice AOE and the tank couldn´t ressist more longer, or by mistake the healer died on some AOE attack and couldn´t heal the rest of the party, or even the lizard party gets wiped (how the fuck?....really?!....make a video about that), one way or another 1 of the 2 parties gets wiped on the boss so the raid couldn´t defeated the 2 bosses at the right time. 
If this happens pull the levers again, on those 10 seconds you got before the cage gets closed again ressurect the wiped party and take them off the cage, repeat this process as many times as you need, once the whole raid is out of the two cages make them recharm, rebbuf and if you need change the raid distributation

Crap....we screwed up...
It can happen that the dps are not well distributed and one party is much more deadly than the others, or they totally refuse what you say and when you should stop dps they keep hitting because they got a trauma on their childhood about the BAM, whatever the reason is the fact is that you killed the BAM sooner than the other party, so the only thing you can do is open the lever on the other cage and kill the whole raid the remaining BAM before it pass 30 seconds....if you guys fail then next time more syncronization would help you.

Stage F

This is another great hall, you will need to activate another stupid and bugged bridge of platforms, for that you will need to pull 2 levers scattered around the area, mostly all people know where they are so this hall has nothing very relevant except three things

-There is some kind of mystical shortcout that makes the sorceress and mystics able to reach the end of the hall more quickly...is a nonsense, they will need to wait the rest of the raid anyway so "what a shortcout"

-There is anoter shortcout that I don´t know how to activate (neither the mystical one) that will make you go more quikly to the end of this chamber, its usefull but not important so with or without the shortcout its just goign from some bugged platforms

-Mini: This is how it called a special enemy near the end of the hall and a little hide of the normal sigh, its the final boss but with the size extremely reduced, tho he use the same exact movements (except the % mechanics), its not hard to kill so just normal dps, some dispell and he will be dead soon, it might drop cubes so its worthy killing him on HM, on NM it will just drop adonis set and tier 14 fodder.

Stage G

Skip the lokian mages you will see on the halway and you will reach a stairs that they will take you to a giant pylon, but before start dpseing it go to the right and make sure there is no special boss there, same as the mini, is a special enemy that might drop cube, its the same as Lutwidge (the miniboss on the stage C) with a average damage and 1 fear attack but compared the rest of monsters is easy to kill.

Once you killed him (or if it wasen´t there) lower the stairs to face a anooying pylon bugged and stupid, once you kill him go ahead and clear the area of the clowns and its minion to be able to enter the hall of the one-eye joke and prepare for the horror.

Stage H
1º Boss: Clown Fight 
Wonderholme Hard Mode 2236441-gsm_169_TERA_Wonderholme_090413_320

You will be on another big squared hall, you will see a giant BAM on front of you waiting until one of you makes the first blow, and some lines crossing the hall, on one side there is hollows and on your side spikes at the end of the room.

Before starting, recharm, rebbuf, and use this time ALL OF YOU noctenium infussions as well as scrolls and nostrums, this fight is a dps race before he buff himself and kills you.

Also raid leader must assign to each dps a line, the lines are from right to left 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, so the ranged dps (archers, sorceress as well as reapers) they can get assigned to 2 lines each of them (1-2 right ranged and 7-8 left ranged), so a good wonderholme raid should have at least 2 ranged dps t get assigned on the lines at the enter and at the end.

There are 8 lines, if the 2 ranged they got assigned 2 lines each of them there would be just remain 4 lines, assign 1 close combat dps to 1 line so there would be 1 dps as backup, the 2 healers (will not take lines at any circunstances, they are very busy healing and dispelling) and the tank, who will not take any line, instead he will just dealing damage to the clown to keep or retake the aggro from the dps.
If you dont have any ranged dps just assign each line to each dps and it should be fine, the tank will take care of the line that he is gonna get the clown wall-him.

Clown Attacks
Their attacks (with some slight differences) are the same that the giant cyclope on COF or on Channelworks, but would explain his attacks here:

Double fist- The one with the primmary aggro will receive two attacks with his fist, nothing really relevant on this, blockeable.

Walk and push- This attack consist that the tank will receive some amount of hits that will force him to move while he is receiving the attacks of the Clown, it is blockeable (if the tank don´t block the Clown will trample him and he will end at his back, so he needs to move fast to force him again to show his back to the DPs people)

Smite - A quick but not very harmfull attack of the Clown to the highest aggro by crushing him with both arms, blockeable.

Line of fire- Same as on COF, he will show his eye dealing a line of fire that can hit you on a very long range, he mostly use this attack if he is far from the one with the aggro, blockeable and compared to the one at COF this line will disappear after the hit so it won´t make a periodical damage over the time, blockeable.

Throwing ball- This animation takes a bit to complete but  he will deal 2 attacks, the first one is the throw of the ball that the Clown grab from the floor, will stun whoever who get hitted on the area (2-3 metters of him, so also the one at their back are being affected as well), and the second attack wich is a fist punch attack to the ball, it dosen´t stun and dosen´t make a lot of damage but the important on this attack is the first one. Both Blockeable.

Enraged- He will furiously will scream stunning everyone on his around, blockeable and predictible, also it dosen´t make damage and sometimes (not sure if its because its a bug or if its just the Clown stupid) this attack dosen´t even stun so he will just scream making a free dps stage for the dps, but as you cant know when it stuns and when its not just block and dodge it all the times, you will still have some free seconds to keep hitting.

Jump- A not very deadly jump tho very quick that he deals to everyone on 10 metters of the Clown, look out for the red line, blockeable.

Jump backward- This animation is not an attack, the Clown will just jump like A LOT, putting a huge distance between the one with the highest aggro and him, DON´T PERSUIT HIM, just wait until he comes running to you or you will lost the wall tank

Mechanics and patterns

Balls: The start fights when everyone is ready on the raid, after that the tank will get close to the clown and he will start taking the aggro, then he will put him on a special posistion to wall the boss while the rest of dps will get ready for the first round of balls, the mechanic on this boss consist that the dps MUST hit a balls that come from the 8 hollows, the balls will be rolling around the line until the spikes will destroy them, the dps must destroy them before the ball get destroyed for the spike, if you desotryed in time you will receive a stacked buff (up to 80 is maximum) that it last as long as the battle last, if you dont hit the ball in time and it get destroyed by the spikes some mobs will shows up, they got a lot of life and on the worst case scenario they are suicide mobs that can 1 shot the tank and their dps.

If the raid do their job at the beggining of the battle they should hitted the 8 balls and receive the entire raid a 8 buff for the rest f the battle, from time to time (I don´t know exacly when, more or less its around every minute or so) the Clown will go in the middle of the lines and he will say "rolling, rolling", the balls will show up and the dps must stop dps and just hit the balls, because the buff of the balls is much more dps than the free dps you can have on the clown at that time, besides if you keep hitting the clown on the balls stage you will interrumpt the stage and the clown will keep hitting you, so dps the balls while the tank is getting the aggro and positioning on the wall, normally that is like 2 or 3 waves of 8 balls. For God sake the dps must hit the balls not he Clown, dont hit the clown!

....Crap.....we screwed up...
When you see a message on the screen saying "Eye-one jack speed buffed" your raid did something wrong, perhaps the tank couldn´t have the aggro at not any single time and it would have a enourmous lack of backcriticals, or perhaps the dps (this is normally the more common scenario) didn´t listened and they hitted the clown on the balls stage, one way or another the clown has stacked their first buff, this buff will increase his speed attack on 10%, its not very difference now but once he make their first buff he will get in no time the rest of their buffs, because this speed attack buff can get stacked to....10 times!, once you reached this point you must burn the clown as soon as you can because this buff cannot be cleansed and last from 10 minutes.

If he reached more than 3 stacks or 4 and he still having the 10 or 20% of life welcome to the living hell, probably a wipe is comming but if you can avoid it try to survive as much as possible, focus on ressing your partners and avoid the clown as much as you can, consider that at this point probably all of you had died at least 1 time so that means that the balls buff and the charms you dont have them no longer so you can´t hit the remaining life he had so the best thing you can do is just kite as a pro until the buff of the speed attack will disappear, once he is done resurrect the rest of the raid and finish him.
But its much more probably that all the raid gets wiped if he stacked more than 4 or 5, so reset and now this time make sure the dps do their job hitting the balls.

Stage I 
2º Boss: Felbane

Clear the path of the naga normal mobs and once you passed the hallway you will reach to one rectangular hall, eliminate the guards and only if there is he 10 members online to the raid go to the corner of the bottom and kill the little mob closed on a cell, he will drop 2 potions (or at least he should, if not bad luck)

After this go to the exit of this hall and you can see a great oval hall, the entrance is cutted by a fence that you can open pulling the lever near of you but don´t do it yet, let the raid leader make sure everyone is ready.
On the center of the great oval chamber there is one cage that you can only access by a bridge, the entrance of the bridge on their sides is the entrance and exit of the chamber, where you can see 2 tanks on each side plus 4 more tanks on each corner.

Recharm, rebbuf, and give the potion (or roll only) the 2 deadliest DPs on the raid, once they got the pot they need to drink it, they will also use scrolls, noctenium and everyhing necesary to make the maximum amount of damage as possible.

Once they are all ready pull the lever.

Ok, now you got 20 seconds to make the positions:

-The 2 persons with the pots they will go to the center of the cage and they will enter, waiting until the boss shows up, both of them MUST drink the potion previously or they will receive a constant debbuf that they will stun for seconds, so unless you wanna be a human piniata drink it and prepare for the battle

-Mystic will go to the entrance of the cage but he won´t enter, he will just put a totem and give the aura of mana and critical to the 2 dps that they are on the cage, thats its only job on this phase

-The rest of the raid will split in 2 areas, the entrance and exit of the chamber, each of them will take a tank and they will go position to be ready to constantly hit the area that connects the bridge with the perimeter of the room, 4 tanks each side, 3 on the entrance/exit and 1 of them on the bridge to attack and also block the path of the inminent mobs that they are going to spawn, since the mystic is busy with other things 1 of the sides will have just 3 tanks but its ok.

Ok the time is over, and mobs will spawn for the sides trying to kill the member´s raid on the cage, in the maintime on the cage itself the boss Felbane will shows up, its a type BAM Teralith with the exacly same movements you saw on every instance or open world, in fact Felbane wouln´t give you much problems if the people of tanks make sure nobody enter the cage, Felbane is slow, not very deadly, and on 70/50 and 30% you will receive a buff that will makes you hit harder, gain mre critical chances and every time restoring your health.

But don´t lower the guard, expect no healing and this is a race of dps, the mystic can barely heal you since he is out of reach or stunned, and no matter the cost neither tanks neither the mystic must pull aggro on Felbane, or he will go after them and auto-reseted, also don´t fight against Felbane to close to the enter of the cage fr exacly the same reason.

Once he is on 15% of life he will go to the center of the room and for 3 minutes starting receiven a buff that he will recover A LOT f HP every second, like 100k, but also he lost inmunity to the siege tanks (that´s the other reason why tanks shouldn´t attack Felbane) so focus the fire and burst its ass as much as you can, the raid leader or the dps should notice when Felbane is on 20% to start attacking the cage from the very start of his buff ignoring the other mobs.

If everything was acoording the plan Felbane he would be history.

...Crap....we screwed up....

You can´t kill Felbane because he receive more life than the one you are dealing, so on those 3 minutes stop dps and wait until the buff will gone, he naturally will have 100% life and the battle starts again but this time there is no mobs so the tanks they dont need to shot (in fact they shouldn´t attack at all and wait again on the 15%) but also the buffs you received previously it won´t receive it again, so the battle would be harder, nuke this time everyone on 15% ok? 


This situation happened me more than 1 time, on the 15% nuke phase the whole raid go to the cage and they start nuking Felbane....this is just GG. Felbane makes more harder with everyone who enters the cage besides the 2 dps, so Felbane´s attack now insta-kill and he gains like a 200% speed attack....nice...

....Crap...can´t believe this shit

Maybe one of the dps died and Felbane reseted, or the whole dps died on the process, or they spend too much time with wipes that the potion effect worm off, or there would never be a potion for a bug or because when you killed the mob one of the raid parties was dc, or the tanks failed on their job and didn´t killed he mobs on the surround and those killed the dps.

Regardless the reason now you have or 1 potion or 0, so now what?
One of the dps, or a tank, or whoever brave enough to be able to do it will go to the cage and will solo it Felbane, this time can come a tank since now its not about making it quick, its just about to be able to do it because the 2 dps failed.
There is no special tactics on this point, the solo one must be able to solo the teralith and lower its life under 15% to activate the nuke phase, tho it will be also more complicated because there would be less dps than before.

May the gods be with you...

Stage J

A little square room filled with pylons, the only one you need to destroy is the big one on the center, for that use the chain of the lancer or the fear of the berserker to bring to the corner on the room and nuke it fast.
If you dont do it just attack....they are mobs...

Stage K
3º Boss: Bandersnatch (Worm combat)

Wonderholme Hard Mode Wonderholme-1

Put a campfire, recharm, rebbuf, and the raid leader should mark the one who is gonna guide the rest of the raid on the mechanic at less than 20% (I would explain it later), once that person is marked also the raid leader must assign 3 dps to each corner of the room for the 15% mechanic (I would explain it later) they will need to hit some totems so for that the most adviceable would be assign the ranged ones, if there is no ranged then dps with faster animation like warriors or reapers. 
If you see the map below that is how they should be assigned, being on the number 3 the priest, so on 1, 2 and 4 there should be 3 dps ranged or people confident enough to make it, if you got warriors is also a good choice but at least 1 warrior must be free.

Wonderholme Hard Mode Totems

The final boss is a new type of BAM with new animation and movements, don´t worry, if you are familirized with the patterns and mechanics that you need to do this fight would be easier than the Clown one.

Bandersnatch movements

Smash- He will use his mace to make a strong attack directly to the one of the highest aggro, Blockeable.

Doble arc- He will use again his mace to make a consecutive double attack barely harmfull, but with this atack he moves, is blockeable but if you dont block you will be literally croos the graphic model of the boss and you will be on his "inside" (creepy) and since this boss is SUPER BUGGED that will you happen a lot if you are the tank so that would make the boss turns around quite often.

Jump- Recognizible by a green gas that it will shows on his surround bandersnatch will jump and land on he same place by hitting the whole raid, it is blockeable and dodgeable but if for some reason you receive the attack you will be dizzy for 17 seconds (yeah its a lot of time), while you are dizzy the screen will se clumsy and you can´t do any skills, pray that the healer will cleanse you soon.

Spit- The one with the highest aggro will receive sometimes a very annoying attack, bandersnatch will spit you "in da face", dosen´t deal damage but you will receive a debbuf of silence, you can´t do absolutely nothing for 7 seconds and you can get hitted by any attack, pray that the healer dispell you. THIS ATTACK CANNOT BE BLOCKED, so the tank must i-frame it or just move around to avoid this attack.

360º grades tail attack- As I said, its a tail attack that will hit everyone on the surround with a hamfull attack, not only makes a lot of damage but it also makes a bleeding debbuf for 18 seconds (more or less) that will reduc your speed movement as well as you receive periodical damage, blockeable.

360º grades pool poison- This is a very recognizible attack that makes bandersnatch point with his tail his perimeter making shoots of acid around him, everyone who receive this would have a poison debbuf for around 18 seconds that deals a lot of periodical damage. Blockeable. this is the attack that he deals quite often, and mostly all the times comes with or another 360º grades pool poison wich includes a little run or a targetted poison pool attack.

Targetted poison pool- The one with the highest aggro will be targetted of a concentrate shoot of the tail of Bandersnatch, the memeber targetted must run as much as possible until the area of the pool is locked, then he must use on that time, not before, the charge, leaping strike or whatever skill to go out of range of the pool. The pool will stay a few seconds and whoever is in there will receive both a poison debbuf and a locked debbuf, the locked debbuf will make you unable to move at all, it last for 7 seconds more or less. The locked debbuf can be dispelled but the attack is unblockeable.

Tail attack 45º grades- This is a attack for the dps on the back of bandersnatch, on an arc of 45 º grades he will throw a pool of acid putting them the poison debbuf and dealing a little of damage. Blockeable.

Run- Bandersnatch will start running like hell poisoning everyone who is on the reach of his mouth and dealing a little of damage, this attack is Blockeable and after he finish it he always makes the 360º tail attack, blockeable

Breathe attack- The same one as the tail attack of 45º grades but not directly to the one with the primary aggro, the tank, will put you the poison debbuf, blockeable.

Bandersnatch Mechanics

90% Below 90% and every minute after that he will curl and create a harmless AOE that makes sleep everyone for 17 seconds (more or less) Blockeable. Once he shoted his AOE he will slowly go to the center of the chamber and then start summoning some kind of super ultra attack, no matter what place you are you will get insta-shoted if you receive this attack.
To avoid it you must go to the light green circle that it spawn on a random part of the chamber, normally is the place where he is looking but not all the times its that one.

You need to go to the light, for that you use any skill that gives you more faster and go as quickly as you can, while you are on this phase you are also move more faster so its not very complicated reaching the spot, once you are there stay on the more largest circle and wait, once it explodes (the ring will glow with more intensity) go as fast as you can to the next bigger ring, stay there, wait until it glows again and repeat this process until there is no more rings.

The best thing you can do is go to the perimetter of the biggest ring, wait until it glows stronger and going to the next one by just running, don´t pass thought the rings before or after the glow or you will die, be patiente, have some practise and you will never died on this phase.

-90% Over the entire battle more or less every 2 minutes Bandersnatch starts doing nothing while he is charging a skill, on that moment you and the rest of the raid must use every skill to Knokcking him down as mch as you can and break his shield, not doing it on the time he is giving to you (since he stops attacking at all) would make him create a great AOE area of poison that longs a lot of time while he pull you all to the center of the pool, if that happens stop the dps and wait until the pool is gone.

40% Below this HP the next curl he is gonna do instead making another light phase he screen it shows up a message that says "Stay out of the dangerous decive at the center" (or something close) then on 4 sides of the chamber they will show up some totems, at the same time you will receive 4 debbufs with different colours.
Pay attention because this is very easy, the debbuf with the top right is the one you need to cleanse first, and it will disappear by just going to the same colour totem, cross the barrier and wait until it vanished, easy uh?, repeat this process with the next one on the right until you don´t have more debbufs

Example: You receive (from left to right) the debbufs green, yellow, red and blue. The first one you will go is to blue totem, wait until it vanish the effect, then go to red, dispell it, now go to yellow one and finally to green one.
Any mistake eliminating debbufs will cost your life so be carefull, the debbufs always starts with the same totem (If the entance we go exacly on our back, the first totem is the one on the lower left corner or SW) 

20% The same stage of totems but this time the colour of the totems is hidden, this phase is called the Uncoloured Totems and it can wipe the entire raid, at least you got 2 minutes to remove the debbufs and below here is a picture about the path you must follow depending the first colour debbuf you have (as you can see on this image it points the view on the entrance at his back so the first totem would be always the one at the SW)

Wonderholme Hard Mode N498
12% Before this phase begun everyone should be charmed and buffed, everyone ressed and everyone ready to fight, the raid leader again will say the position of the 4 people on the uncomming phase as I alredy said it on the map.

Wonderholme Hard Mode Totems
1- Ranged dps / confident melee dps
2- Ranged dps / confident melee dps
3- Priest
4- Ranged dps / confident melee dps

Bandersnatch will go on this phase again at the center of the room after another curl while he is saying "You are good, but you can´t broke my shield"
Once he is on the center of the room he will make until the shield is off constantly light phases, he won´t stop until the shield is broken, so for be able to attack and survive at the same time the 4 peple assigned will hit a totems that they spawn at the place they are (but only if the tank is keeping the aggro on the entrance of the chamber, if he is not holding the aggro bandersnatch will move randomly changing the place of the totems spawns.

Breaking the totem in time will make you unvulnerable to any attack for 10 seconds, enough time to survive the wave that he cast, so the 4 people will need to destroy all the totems on order to survive, if you miss any totem at any time the whole raid will die.

In the maintime the rest of dps is hitting Bandersnatch´s ass as hard as they can, the debbuf of traverse cut and combatative strike of the warrior is necesary here to burn the shield more faster, also the mystic will should grant critical damage to the raid and drop as many mana balls as he can.

Once you break the shield he would be defeated and finally you will complete the dungeon.

The combat against the worm takes a lot of time, so recharm, rebbuf and ress everytimes you need it to be prepared on the shield phase.
The clown, the teralith and the worm might drop cube, don´t roll unless you want PVE VM2
Don´t roll on gear you don´t need, this instance is very long and annoying, dont roll on a fodder you don´t need unless the raid leader says roll, or you will annoy the one who needed (and for a good reason)


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