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Introducing Empty Introducing

Post by reapingyou on Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:28 pm

First of all i would like to say HI to all the guildies, by introducing myself ^^

Gamename: reapingyou
realname: thibaut (tbo is fine Smile)
age: 17
hobbies: gaming, party, snowboarding, skating

My name is Thibaut
I'm a young guy(17) who likes to play games as i started gaming at age of 5 on Playstation1 xD
started with games like crashbandicoot and stuff untill i discovered FPS/MMORPGs.
In the last years i mainly played FPS games but now i'm back into MMORPGs ( but noob :p)

Any questions "Shoot"



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Introducing Empty Re: Introducing

Post by Këira on Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:07 am

Ok....this should be fun

Personal info

Nickname: Keira/Astraea/Ereahla/Zodiark/Reika/Anima

Real name: Henry

Age: 22

Ocupation: Student 

Likes: I started game since I remmeber, started as a Sony fan (FFVII, Vagrant Story, FFVIII...) of course thx to my brother, then I started playing new different types of games, consoles and finally I touched the PC with Diablo II, Starcraft....and lots more, but i always being my favourite genre the RPG games, as I said on the board I started playing TERA because it was a free game that my brother recommended me, and so I am here...

There is much more to say but for now Im ok with this.

Post and register on the damm forum goddamet! we got the chance to make of the guild a better place so don´t slack!


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Introducing Tera_s21

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