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How to craft VM3 Empty How to craft VM3

Post by Vesmira on Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:07 am

First off, here's a table of what you need.

You'll be glad to know that your NF PvE won't be wasted.

How to craft VM3 IqBCC7G

Now for how to get these new mats.

Vision Document/Letter:
• Both drop in Kashbar’s Gorge NM and HM.
• Recipes given upon using Vision Document/Letter.
• Crafting level 400+ required in Weaponsmithing and/or Armoursmithing to learn recipes.

Just to add: Vision Document* gives designs that sacrifice NF PvE as a reagent for less crafting mats overall. Vision Letter gives designs that do not sacrifice NF PvE so you need quills + marks.

*I'm not sure if this Vision Document is the same one as the VM2 PvE Vision Document in our build right now but I think it'll be different.

Mark of Demokmon:
• Drops in all the new instances.

Runed Overlay:
• 1 Rune Overlay is crafted with 1 Rune Overlay Shard and 3 Master Artisan Kits.
• Crafting level 800 required in Weaponsmithing or Armoursmithing.
• Rune Overlay Shard drops in Gillian’s Forest (solo), Altar of Lakan (5-man), and Cave of Darkness (7-man).

Luminous Stone:
• The new quill/cube for VM3.
• Only drops in Kashbar’s Gorge HM and is BoP.
UNBANKABLE (Seriously, this is BS. -_- I hope I’m reading it wrong or the information I'm getting is false).

Cracked Traces:
• Basically the new Metal Overlay.
• Quest received upon using Vision Document/Letter.
• 2 Cracked Shards for 1 Cracked Trace.
• 1 Cracked Shard given upon completion of Gillian’s Forest or Altar of Lakan.

Delicate Luminous Shadow Shards:
• Purchased from Agnitor merchant for 3,000 credits per shard.
• Must be “Revered” with Agnitor in order to purchase.

Do note that all the mat names are unofficial (apart from quill and MoB). Most names are literal translations from Korean.


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