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Vault of allies and solo Vault Empty Vault of allies and solo Vault

Post by Këira on Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:36 am

On this topic we are gonna talk about the two modalities of Vault, Vault of allies and solo vault.

First of all location, Vault can ONLY be acces if you belong to a guild, since the entry of the isntance is different according the alliance that your guild belongs, the second requirement is that on the guild you are it must be on one of the three alliances, it can be or Iron Order of Kaitor, Enlightened Union of Allamantheia or Free Traders of Velika.

Vault of allies and solo Vault TeraAlliances
The three alliances and its differents flags

Vault of allies and solo Vault Tera_allianz_2
The Enlightened Union of Allamantheia

Vault of allies and solo Vault RTEmagicC_0_Velika_small_04.jpg
The Free Traders collective of Velika

Vault of allies and solo Vault Tera_allianz_3
The Iron Order of Kaiator

Since Seraphim Ianua belongs to Iron Order the entrance of our vault is located on Iron Order hall.

Vault of allies and solo Vault Man_zpse7d393b1

The third requirement is if the vault is open or not for us (our alliances) since every 24 hours the entries are reseted, the entries are assigned according the alliance contribution points of every alliance, so that means, the more alliance contribution points have a specific alliance, the more hours is assigned to that alliance, so it can entry the vault more times.

We can see that if we select Z (or the shortcout we have on alliance) / Standings / Vault entry hours

Vault of allies and solo Vault Tera_s25

Vault of allies and solo Vault Tera_s26

Vault of allies and solo Vault Tera_s27

Once the vault is open for us, we can enter or Vault of allies or Vault solo

Vault solo

Vault of allies and solo Vault Proving_Grounds

Solo vault is a 1 man instance very easy to tackle that is divided on three different vaults, Vault of fire, Vault of sea and vault of ice, depending the different vault we would need to face a different BAM or another one, on Vault of fire we would need to face the type BAM basilik, on vault of sea we would need to face the BAM type crab and on Vault of ice we would need to face the type BAM giant. Neither the three of those BAMs are hard, you can tackle the vault impresssively fast (unless you are a healer) without having a powerfull ilevel, so its a MUST instance of any class at any item level (you must be unless level 60)

Also, once you done you will have a 3 hours cooldown, so on the next vault that is open you will need to wait at least 3 hours to be able to enter on solo vault.

First, it "can" drop the best jewelry of the game
Vault of allies and solo Vault VxdPTdj
Doing enuough vaults in time you should have if you are dps 2 rings of pains with, if possible, +0,7 critical damage, if you are healr 2 band of health and if you are tanking 2 hearts of iron (the name is aproximate, i don,t remember very well).
Also vault solo drops now on this new patch Orpheunics medals, gather at least 80 to be able to craft a random underwear. It also can drop alliances supplies, molten tokens, vault tickets and noctenium infussions.

The solo vault 1 every day got a dailiy quest that it gives you 200 extra noctenium infussions for completing it (the quest is just about doing solo vault) and it also gives you some contribution points, so try to make vault at least 1 every day.

Vault of allies

To be able to enter vault of allies you need to be on an hour that vault is open, once it´s open you need three aditional requirements, first you need to be a fully member of the alliance, that means on the profile of your alliance you need to be at least a member (not a prospector), to get that you just need to do all days as many alliances quest as possible (solo vault, alliances BAMs, gather quests....) to get that tittle.
Once you got that tittle you will need an aditional item, a consumable item called "Vault ticket" that you can obtain or solo vault or just simply at Trade broker (currently is around 300g each).
The third requirement is that you NEED 5 members party, we are not talking about doability or skills of the player, its just the BAM will not show up unless 5 members of the party had entered the vault, simple as that.

Once you enter you will face the basilisk BAM (only the basilisk) and its very very easy to kill it, I mean, you don´t even need the help of a healer, I was even go there with 0 or 3 healers, because finding members able to do Vault of alliance is extremely rare so any party is up to do it.

The same items as solo vault (except the ticket and the Orpheanic medals) but on more numbered (since now 5 members of the party are going to roll on that) but also drops (EXTREMELY RARE) Argon Vitriol and Mark of the Bloodshet.

The trick about doing vault of allies is that there is unlimited entries and cooldown is not affected on this dungeon, wich means that if you got a party, tickets and you are a member you can go UNILIMITED times to vault if its open, so the best thing you can do is save as many tickets as possible and go a lot of times with a 5 members party that they are gonna pass for you the items you need (because not only its rare finding a ring of pain, its even rare that drops with good stats so you need a huge amount of luck to be able to get for you)

Thats everything about Vault, questions feel free to ask.


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Vault of allies and solo Vault Tera_s21

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