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Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Empty Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide)

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This guide I get it from the guide of NanOteack that you can find the url here

Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Nexus_Event
"The call rings out. A swirling blue vortex erupts from high above. A beam of bright blue light drills into the ground. Suddenly, oily demons and monsters spill onto the land. Brave scholars arrive to study the nexus, with the hopes of stopping its destructive force. But this problem requires more than brains and bravery—it requires brawn.

The Agnitor scholars have gathered at Zulfikar Fortress to share their limited knowledge of the nexuses. They seek heroes to fight the stream of monsters that spew forth from these portals. Before you march into this maleficent melee, take a moment to learn what you're up against.

The Nexus Invasion in TERA is a cross-server open-world raid event that takes place in Khanovar Front, Argonea and Granarkus at the northern edge of Shara. Ten minutes before the Nexus Invasion begins, several Nexus portals will open and will appear on the world map as well as your minimap.
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Khanovar_Front
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Argonea_Granarkus
How to Join a TERA Nexus Raid

To join in, simply fly to Zulfikar Fortress or Kanstria and head to an affected zone. You'll see a shimmering energy border surrounding the Nexus area. Four Nexus Questgivers will spawn at each Nexus portal. You'll have to talk to any of them to accept the Mysterious Nexus quest. If you don't, you will not receive any rewards for closing the portal. Keep in mind that you, or any other party member, have to actually hit a Nexus monster in order to receive the quest rewards. Each portal is limited to 120 quests, meaning only 120 people will be able to receive quests in that particular area. You cannot share this quest with your party; everyone must be in the area and accept the quest themselves. Leaving the Nexus area will automatically forfeit the quest. The color of the icons signifying the portals will change depending on how many people have accepted the quest (Blue, Orange, Red, Red [Locked]).
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Nexus_Questgiver_920px
Talk to this guy to receive the Mysterious Nexus quest.
Once you're in a Nexus portal, you can either use LFG to look for a Nexus party (highly recommended), or wait until the first wave of monsters spawn. A popup will appear asking if you would like to look for a party if you haven't joined one already.

Nexus Invasion

Now that you've joined a party and accepted the quest, it's time for Nexus Invasion. This is a three-phase process; monsters of increasing size will spawn in each phase, and they do not drop anything. When all monsters in each phase are defeated, that completes the phase and a reward is given out. Again, you need to have the Mysterious Nexus quest accepted and you or any other party member need to actually hit something during each phase in order to receive the rewards for each phase.
Phase 1 is very quick and easy. A bunch of minions spawn during this phase; kill them all to go into Phase 2.
Phase 2 spawns a trio of BAMs and a bunch more minions. Easiest way to deal with them is to zerg each of them one by one, otherwise not a very difficult fight. Defeat all three BAMs to go into Phase 3.

Phase 3 spawns one of three Nexus lords—Hulmatorus, Valsharnikar, or Zyrnaxis—and still more minions. Getting hit by a Nexus lord leaves an effect for 15 seconds that cannot be cleansed, called Nexus Strike. If five Nexus Strikes stack on a character, that character will get the Nexus Implosion effect; after ten seconds, that character will implode and die. There is actually an achievement for getting the Implosion effect on you, and it can sometimes be a little more difficult to achieve than you think.
Many smaller minions will spawn during each phase, which have a high chance of dropping healing/rejuvenation motes. Killing these minions will cause more to spawn, so you basically have an infinite supply of motes (which you don't really need either).
There are also a number of Nexus effects that will buff you during each phase and can stack up to 5 times; these effects are the following:

  • Nexus Frenetics increases your power.
  • Nexus Celerity decreases your skill cooldowns.
  • Nexus Haste increases your attack speed.
  • Nexus Bane increases your damage against multiple targets.
  • Dimensional Vigor increases your power every time you jump.
  • Nexus Revelry also increases your power. However, once you have 5 stacks, Untimely Frivolity will force you to dance.

Once all three phases are completed, the Nexus portal will close, and you can move on to the next one until they are all closed. Closing a Nexus portal will give you a buff called "Nexus Call", which you need to get into Nexus Traverse. You do not need the Mysterious Nexus quest to get it; just be in the area of the Nexus when it closes. Once all the portals are closed, the Nexus Shard will spawn at the location of the last portal that was closed in each region, and you can interact with it to teleport into Nexus Traverse.
Nexus Traverse
Nexus Traverse is a cross-server instanced raid, and consists of three main rooms. You need a minimum of 7 people in your raid to enter, and a maximum of 20 people can be in a raid.
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Nexus_Traverse
Before getting started, if you are party leader, be sure to designate two people to be the Main Tank (MT) and Off-Tank (OT). Also be sure to set loot to Random roll for Rare grade and up.
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Loot_options
Now everyone will automatically roll for everything that is picked up. This makes the run go by much quicker, as you'll most likely be spending more time rolling for loot than actually clearing the place if you don't change the loot options. Now, I'm sure some of you may be concerned for people not being able to roll for gear that they actually need, but you don't need to be worried about what actually drops in Nexus Traverse. Most of it will be NPC/enchanting fodder anyway, with the occasional Conjunct recipe, Fraywind gear, or Agnitor gear, which is extremely easy to obtain.
Nexus Traverse is actually a very short and simple dungeon. There are only three rooms:
The first room has a bunch of adds all over the room. The MT should pull all adds in the room and bunch them up into one big mob for the entire party to zerg. When done this way, it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to clear the room. These mobs drop gold and Nexus boons. A Nexus boon gives 1 Agnitor credit, and a Triple Nexus boon gives 3 credits.
The second room will spawn two BAMs, one on each side of the room. The MT should tank the raptor on the left, usually accompanied by a healer, and the OT will tank the teralith on the right for the rest of the party to kill it. You'll want to keep the two BAMs separated because they become stronger if close to each other. When the teralith is dead, move on to the raptor. These BAMs drop mostly NPC/enchanting fodder.
The Traverse Sovereign sits in the third room. His attacks have very high impact, meaning you'll get knocked down very often if you get hit. There are a couple attacks that you need to watch out for, and the tell for these is that he'll fly up in the air first before breathing fire everywhere. He will either breathe pools of fire onto the ground, which deal moderate DoT to anyone standing on it, or he will attack with multiple AoE fireballs (you can see where he is targeting from the circles on the ground) which also leave pools of fire. If you die in the DoT, you can click resurrect without waiting for a healer to Resurrect you, and you'll immediately spawn back at the entrance of the dungeon. He also has a 10 minute enrage timer, at which point he receives a power/attack speed buff. He usually dies long before this anyway.
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Traverse_Sovereign_920px
While you are attacking the Traverse Sovereign, he will spawn adds the lower his HP drops. He has four waves of adds:
The first wave spawns a bunch of minions. Kill them.
The second, third and fourth waves each spawn a BAM. Usually, someone kites all three BAMs around the room while the rest of the party continue to burn Traverse Sovereign; preferably a healer, since they can easily generate universal aggro by healing themselves/any party member. Mystics can also draw aggro using Arun's Vitae. Failing that, the MT will do the kiting.
Once Traverse Sovereign is dead, that's it! Grab all the loot, and leave the group (quickest way is to type /drop) and you'll automatically be teleported back to Zulfikar Fortress (even if you're still kiting), conveniently right in front of the Agnitor NPCs. Remember to always grab the Sovereign repeatable quest from Rodrigo, as its rewards are insanely high!
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Rodrigo_920px
The Agnitor Faction
"The Agnitor is a subgroup of the Mysterium, focused specifically on nexuses and the creatures that emerge from them. They believe that by really understanding the power of the nexus—and finding a way to harness that power—they will be able to find the answer that will end the Argon War. Their quests revolve mostly around going into nexuses and coming out with samples and examples of whatever is inside. The Agnitor primarily perform their experiments in secret, but no one has any cause to doubt their commitment to the cause...right?"
Before you can begin any Agnitor quests, you'll have to report to Rodrigo in Zulfikar Fortress (you'll receive a letter to go see him at lvl 58). Once you’ve finished the quest "Boundary Explorer," the Agnitor quests will unlock from the nearby Inquisitor. Your first Agnitor quest, "Puzzling Pieces," will send you into the Nexus to investigate.
Agnitor quests award gold, as well as Agnitor reputation points and credits to spend with Hanslet and Eriale, Zulfikar Fortress’ Agnitor merchants. Players can use Agnitor credits to purchase scrolls, gear, enchantment fodder, etc. The Agnitor's Nexus set is the entry-level Tier 14 gear and is very easy to obtain nowadays, especially with the Sovereign repeatable quest. The most notable items in the shop are Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Agnitor's Plagioclase and Chaos Blocks, as well as the Pristine Griefing Zyrk and Pristine Indomitable Zyrk for PvP.
Investigating Nexus Traverse (Nexus guide) Agnitor_Merchants_920px
Most Agnitor quests can be completed inside a Nexus with almost no extra time or effort, so if you plan on doing Nexus Invasion, you might as well pick them up. However, unlike other factions, you can only pick up two Agnitor dailies at a time.
Considering the amount of time and effort you spend on completing the Agnitor dailies and Nexus along with the repeatable, it's highly recommended that you do this at least once a day
Nexus Entries for now
Mondays 3 PM CES // 8 PM CEST
Tuesday 3 PM CEST // 8 PM CEST
Wednesday 3 PM CEST // 8 PM CEST
Thursday 3 PM CEST // 8 PM CEST
Friday 3 PM CEST // 8 PM CEST // 1 AM CEST
Saturday 3 PM CEST // 8 PM CEST // 1 AM CEST
Sunday 3 PM CEST // 8 PM CEST


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