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Post by Këira on Sun Jun 08, 2014 5:45 pm

This guide is a huge copy of another guide that I found here by NanOteck, where everything related to KNX or KNXX is explained here

Kelsaik Nest 10/20 people raid

KNX and KNXX guide Kelsaik_2


Since this is a 20-man raid, it may be much more difficult to coordinate, and in some cases you'll have more trouble even getting an organized party together. It is highly recommended to join a populated PvE-progression guild if you want to start running KN10/KN20. If said guild uses a VoIP application like Raidcall/Ventrilo/Teamspeak, this is also highly recommended to use to make calls such as crystal breaking, baton passing aggro on tanks, circles of death, etc.
Once you get a 20-man raid organized, remember to bring the following consumables (you don't have to bring ALL of them):

  • HP Potions - Healing Elixirs, Draughts, Valiant Potions, Emergency Rations, Jerky, etc.
  • Mana Potions - Mana Elixirs, Divine Infusions, etc.
  • Scrolls - Savagery (DPS and Tanks only), Warding, Dash, Carving (Healers only)
  • Nostrums - Nostrum of Energy V (Melee DPS and Tanks), Ranger's Nostrum V (Ranged DPS)
  • Other - Arunic Panacea, Combat Panacea, Panaceaic Bolster, Complete Crystalbind, Greater Power/Enduring/Infused Charms, Greater Keen Charms (Healers only), Noctenium Infusions
  • If its KNXX everyone MUST wear a Goddess Blessing, not wearing it can mean the wipe of the whole raid

Raid leaders - Remember to mark healers and tanks, and be sure to do a consumable/flame check. The flame check is to make sure everyone takes off their Kelsaik necklaces, because they CAN proc on him and it can potentially cause wipes!
The Trinity and their Tasks

  • You will need no less than 2 and no more than 3 tanks due to a debuff that is applied to the target who holds primary aggro. Said target will receive a stack of this debuff once every 16 seconds that lasts for 60 seconds, and will reduce your HP restoration by a certain % per stack. This is where you'll have to coordinate what I will call the "baton pass" with the other tank(s).
  • The "baton pass" is pretty self-explanatory; tanks should rotate aggro between each other once one has reached 3-4 stacks. Tip: If you have three Lancers in your party, you can have two of them rotate their Infuriate for baton passing while keeping Kelsaik enraged for the majority of the fight. The third Lancer should keep his/her Infuriate for the 15% burn.
  • Every tank should be constantly DPSing the boss to keep themselves high on the aggro table and thus will make it easier for them to take primary aggro quickly.
  • Beware of how many stacks you have; if you are at 4-5 stacks, you will receive very little healing. When you are over 6 stacks, you will receive 0% healing. That means NOTHING will heal you (except pots and Priest's Blessing of Balder); Mystics' Arun's Vitae will NO LONGER work around this since they are now affected by HP restoration.
  • If your party has at least one Lancer, have him/her Infuriate right as the 15% burn phase begins for the extra enraged damage. If you have two Lancers, the second lancer can baton pass anywhere between 5-8% HP left with his/her Infuriate. At this point, only the Lancer who infuriated should be shouting, while the other tanks should go about their normal rotations w/o shouting.

Tanking Kelsaik
There are two ways you can go about tanking Kelsaik, which are important for positioning: Circular tanking and wall tanking.

  • Circular tanking allows for more room for DPS and healers to change debuffs, but requires quite a bit of movement/repositioning for the entire party. You can move Kelsaik in either direction (clockwise/counter-clockwise) by staying slightly to the left or right (while still being in front) of Kelsaik.
  • Wall tanking allows you to keep Kelsaik in a static position, but can make debuff swapping more difficult, especially for tank healers.
  • Keep in mind that Kelsaik will push you back slightly on his single claw attacks, so don't move backwards unless you need to reposition him. This makes it easy to wall tank him if you choose to tank him this way. If you are circle tanking him, make sure to always stand slightly to either side of him, so you'll be pushed in a circular direction instead of up against a wall.

Well, there isn't much that needs to be explained here. Swap debuffs, don't die, hit hard. Also, if Kelsaik flips on a DPS, please please PLEASE do not run over to his backside and just wait for him to flip back to the tanks.

Raid healers will be separated into 2 groups: Tank healers and DPS healers.

  • Tank healers stay at the front of Kelsaik along with the tanks, slightly off to the side to avoid direct damage from single claw attacks. Mystics are good for this role due to being able to swap debuffs on the fly with Unfeeling Corruption Ring (50% damage reduction) and have great mobility with Teleport Jaunt. Only one tank healer is required, but it's good to have a backup as well in case the main tank healer dies.
  • DPS healers stay behind Kelsaik with the DPS. Priests should be upkeeping Energy Stars and Enfeebling Triple Nemesis (10% endurance debuff) at all times. The backup tank healer should stay at the back and heal DPS as well, unless the main tank healer is dead.
  • There is no need to focus on cleansing in this raid. The only debuff that can be cleansed is the bleed from Kelsaik's tail swipe and single claw attack when he retracts his claw.

Kelsaik's Attack Patterns and Phases
When the fight begins, Kelsaik will always open up with two small jumps and a tail swipe, so DPS should wait until after he does the tail swipe before going behind him.

Tail Swipe- Kelsaik will randomly do tail swipe any time during the fight and hit anything behind him. It does moderate damage and has a chance to inflict bleed.

Single Claw- Kelsaik will attack with either his fire/ice claw, then retract his claw. This has two hits: the claw slam and the retract, which has a high chance of causing excessive bleeding (which also halves hp restoration). His fire claw releases a large fiery AoE around the claw on the slam, while his ice claw leaves a large trail of ice. All of these hits do a high amount of damage and can one-shot/two-shot cloth classes. Mystic tank healers can use Unfeeling Corruption Ring (50% damage reduction) to swap debuffs from this attack.

Double Claw- This attack is the same as the double claw in Kelsaik's Hard Mode. This attack does little damage and has both fire and ice, so you should mainly be using this to swap debuffs. You can get hit by this attack from all sides of Kelsaik. He will do the double claw attack once every 40 seconds after the first double claw. However, at certain percentages of Kelsaik's HP, this will force his Fire Pillar attack which he always follows up with a double claw. The 40 second timer resets after every forced debuff. On KNXX THIS SHOULD BE THE ONLY ATTACK YOU SHOULD GET HITTED, WICH MEANS THE REST OF OTHERS OR YOU BLOCK OR YOU DODGE, AND WHEN I SAY EVERYONE I SAY EVERY SINGLE ATTACK.

Small Jump/Big JumpThese attacks are also the same as seen in Kelsaik's Hard Mode. Small jump doesn't do much damage, and Kelsaik will always begin the fight with two small jumps, followed by a tail swipe. Kelsaik will do the big jump at whoever has primary aggro. This attack can be used to reposition Kelsaik. There is a long startup animation (he will just stand there for a few seconds) compared to the small jump. After landing from the big jump, a large shockwave will span out 30m from where Kelsaik lands. This shockwave can be jumped; tank healers can stay near the tanks and jump it, or stand behind the tanks while they are blocking to negate the damage. If you just want to be safe, you can run past 30m from the tanks. If you are a DPS and you have aggro just before Kelsaik does the big jump, get to the tanks asap and iframe the attack.

Fire PillarKelsaik does this attack starting at 90% HP, and again at 65%, 60%, 50%, and 15%. It is also on a timer; roughly once every 90 seconds (needs confirmation) and every 50 seconds after the 15% Fire Pillar. There are two parts to this attack:

  1. Kelsaik will cast a fiery AoE explosion which has a 12m range around him. Ranged classes can stand 13m away from him, then move a bit toward him after the explosion and be safe from both parts of this attack. Classes with a blocking skill can, well, block it.
  2. Eight Fire Pillars will land in an octagonal pattern around Kelsaik. You can move toward Kelsaik after the initial explosion or move 33m away from Kelsaik.

Kelsaik will always follow up Fire Pillar with a double claw.

Ice AoEKelsaik casts a large hailstorm spanning 22m around him. The timer for this attack is also roughly 90 seconds. DPS and healers can run 22m away from Kelsaik and use this attack for debuff swapping, since each tick by itself doesn't do a high amount of damage. The best way is to jump toward the edge of the attack, reducing your balance to 0, thus a single tick will knock you down and minimize damage.

Red Circle ("Explode and burn your friends!")
Kelsaik will say "Explode and burn your friends!" and target anyone except whoever has primary aggro with a large red/orange circle. A debuff will appear on your buff bar indicating when the circle will be planted on the ground (you have 10 seconds to get away from everyone else). Those who are standing in the circle when it is planted on the ground, other than the original target, will die immediately. After it is planted on the ground, it simply inflicts a bit of damage to whoever is standing in it afterward. Whoever has this circle should plant it close to a wall so it is out of the way of the fight as much as possible.

Yellow Circle ("Bear my flame!")
Same as red circle, Kelsaik will target anyone except whoever has primary aggro. This time, it's a smaller yellow circle with arrows pointing inward. It will blink ten times before inflicting a massive amount of damage to whoever is in the circle. If you have this circle, get away from everyone else and count the blinks. On the 10th blink, iframe or simply run out of the circle as fast as possible using a dash skill/scroll if you lost count (if you are out of combat, you can usually just run out of it).
If you get this circle during Fire Breath (crystal phase), you can group yourself up with 8+ teammates to split the damage, but make sure everyone is topped off first. To be more safe, you can just separate yourself from everyone as much as possible and iframe toward the wall. If the fire is already coming in before the 10th blink, it may be better to just take the hit instead of risking the lives of others.

Fire Breath (Crystal Phase)
Starting at 50%, Kelsaik will be doing Fire Breath. He will run to the middle of the room and place a crystal, then climb up to the top of the rocks. This crystal has 1 million HP and will trigger two walls on either side of the crystal to pop up for a few seconds when destroyed. Everyone should auto-attack the crystal until it's down to about 20% HP. On the raid leader's call, break the crystal using skills. Kelsaik will tilt his head back before using Fire Breath, so call for the break as soon as you see his head move back.

Kelsaik's Adds
Kelsaik will spawn adds if too many raid members are dead (less than 12 people alive). They hit hard and attack random targets, so it's best to kill them asap. You can also CC them and let healers rez people if too many people are down.

100% HP - As stated previously, Kelsaik will always begin the fight with two small jumps and a tail swipe, so DPS should wait until after he does the tail swipe before going behind him to DPS. After that, Kelsaik will only use single and double claw attacks at this time. DPS MUST not attack until the tanks are position Kelsaik
90% HP - Kelsaik will cast the first Fire Pillar attack, then do double claw immediately afterward. This is also when he starts casting his ice AoE and big jump. Be aware of the timers for Fire Pillar and double claws.
70% HP - Kelsaik will do double claw, and stop using any AoE until his next double claw attack. If you DPS him hard enough down to under 60%, you will force him to skip any AoE attacks entirely during this phase.
60% HP - This forces another Fire Pillar and double claw. If you skipped AoEs during 70% phase, he will do double Fire Pillar, then double claw. He will then do ice AoE before the second double claw.
50% HP - This forces yet another Fire Pillar and double claw, and an ice AoE before the second double claw. After the second double claw, Kelsaik will climb up the rocks to do Fire Breath. After coming down, he will do a double claw and big jump. He will also start casting both Fire Pillar and ice AoE after the first Fire Breath. If he does Fire Pillar before Fire Breath, he will cast ice AoE after jumping down and vice versa. If he does both Fire Pillar and ice AoE before Fire Breath, he will only do double claw without casting any AoE.
Slow DPS at around 16% and wait for the next Fire Breath. Once he comes back down, swap debuffs and get him in position for the burn phase. Everyone should be ressed, ready and charmed for the uncomming stage
15% HP - Burn phase. A 60 second "debuff" applies to your entire raid which applies a +50% aspd/power boost, but kills you when this debuff wears off. Kelsaik will also receive an aspd/power boost for 10 minutes during this phase. Tanks should fight for aggro at this point. If you have at least one Lancer, have him/her infuriate Kelsaik at the beginning of this phase. Only the Lancer who infuriated should be shouting at this point, while the other tanks should go about their normal rotations w/o shouting. If anyone other than the Lancer who infuriated shouts, it could ruin the aggro table and cause Kelsaik to flip on a DPS. Use shout for aggro holding, not for aggro stealing. If you have 2-3 Lancers, have a second Lancer baton pass by infuriating between 5-8% HP.
When Kelsaik is under 15% HP, he will stop spawning circles/crystal phase entirely nor will he use ice AoE.
If your raid is unable to burn Kelsaik in 60 seconds, make sure you have Vow of Rebirth/Divine Resurrection/Goddess' Blessing up (Sorcs can Stone Skin) and kill the adds asap. Get back into the fight and finish him off!

Video References

How to avoid/survive big jump:

How to avoid Fire Pillars (or double Fire Pillars in this case):

Full run (Mystic Tank Healer PoV):

This was actually recorded before the class balance changes from the July 2nd patch, but it's still valid. It shows all of Kelsaik's attacks and how to avoid/survive them, debuff swapping w/ Corruption Ring, and red/yellow circle on me as well.
Post July-2nd Patch - Full run (Mystic Tank Healer PoV):


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KNX and KNXX guide Tera_s21

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KNX and KNXX guide Empty Re: KNX and KNXX guide

Post by reapingyou on Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:26 pm

nice will we ever do KNXX with guild?
as we are now doing KNX ^^


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KNX and KNXX guide Empty Re: KNX and KNXX guide

Post by Këira on Mon Jun 09, 2014 2:09 am

reapingyou wrote:nice will we ever do KNXX with guild?

Being honest? No. First of all we would need a lot more guildies to be able to start doing guild runs of KNXX, if not we would just plug to another raid. There are two different types of raids, one is the LFG random raid you create (as we do on KNX) wich is 100% wipe chances, and the other one is a specific raid with people you know and you know they are capable to do it, so that means people rookie on a lot of isntances like you are not gonna be invited.

Why are you saying 100% chances to wipe? is not that hard isen´t it?

Ok let´s think about this, imagine the normal KNX, with all his patterns and moves and attacks ok? now imagine that EVERY attack he deals (AOEs, claws...) except the double claws instakills you, and also the debbuf of fire/ice you are having is dealing you around 5-10k damage every second and you will be getting close to what is KNXX.

KNXX has been done with a gear less powerfull than the one you are wearing now, but its because the coordination, teamwork and syncronization can´t be less than perfect, thats why is the raid that gets wiped the most because a random raid (or even one with invitation) don´t have such coordination between the members.

I would really like to have KNXX raids with guildies, but for now is impossible, mostly all of you are or new or need oculus set or they never went to MC (at least normal mode), its too soon for now.


-I wild my blade to protect others (Këira)

KNX and KNXX guide Tera_s21

-I use my edge to cut those who stand against me (Asträea)

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KNX and KNXX guide Empty Re: KNX and KNXX guide

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