Ok, I am not on level 60, now what?

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Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Empty Ok, I am not on level 60, now what?

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Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Level_Header

TERA Guide to Newly Capped Players - Introduction
So you've just hit the level cap for the first time, and you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of new quests, factions and various other things that open up to you as soon as that satisfying "DING!" and angelic wings flash from your character's back for the last time. This guide will cover the endgame of TERA and the various dungeons, factions and gear that you should focus on at this point.

Endgame Instances
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Dungeons_thumb

Note: These are NOT complete instance guides, but it should provide an overview of each instance and is merely to guide you on which dungeons to run and the benefits of completing them.

Balder's Temple (Solo)
This dungeon is excellent for those who just hit level 60 with their first character. The difficulty is just right for a new player, and you can run this dungeon for Oculus gear (equivalent to +9 Steadfast gear) and slotted accessories. It also drops Tier 14 enchant fodder, Molten Tokens and alkahest. The gear you obtain here will serve as your entry-level gear for the next few dungeons on the list. Make sure to bring potions and bandages. It should be noted that the Solo version can actually be entered in a party at this time.
When you first enter the instance, head right and kill the giant gorilla, then proceed through the gate and navigate through the garden maze (probably the most difficult part of the instance!). There is a Cleric NPC at the beginning of the maze should you need to heal. Once you get past the maze, you'll notice a lot of trees lined up next to a path. Kill the trees (yes, they are alive and they will try to kill you!) and go up the path to fight the Kumas. He doesn't do much damage and is pretty slow. Be careful of the guardians that spawn periodically! Head up the stairs, and a Cleric NPC will be waiting for you should you need to heal up before the final boss. This boss is a Kumas who is also very slow and doesn't do a lot of damage. However, you'll notice that there are statues placed around the room and a forcefield in the middle that you must enter in order to fight the boss. Once you start the fight, you cannot leave the forcefield, and periodically, the statues will target you and begin firing projectiles at you. You should dodge them because they can actually hurt. Once you kill the boss, a treasure chest will spawn in the middle of the room. Break it open to receive your loot, and use the Dimensional Mirror to exit (or /reset instance).

Alliance Vaults
This is probably the easiest and quickest level 60 dungeon you'll ever do. It's literally just killing one BAM. You have to be part of an alliance in order to access the Alliance Vaults, but it drops very good accessories and Noctenium Infusions, which buff certain skills for each class. It drops other goodies as well, such as Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls, Complete Crystalbinds, etc.

Channelworks (3-man)
This is a dungeon that can be done with pretty much any party composition. Go 1 DPS/1 tank/1 healer, or go 3 DPS, or 3 tanks, do whatever you want! The dungeon gives you plenty of buffs to make the run easier throughout. The final boss is the most fun part of the dungeon. You automatically get a buff which increases your crit chance by 5% per stack, then at 10 stacks, it increases your crit chance to 100%! There will also be two large statues, a slayer and an engineer, that spawn in the final boss room. The slayer will give you a buff which increases your power, and the engineer will give you a buff which gives you a powerful heal-over-time. If you don't have a healer, get this buff and you basically can't die. But with the power + crit buffs, you'll be seeing absurdly large numbers, so if you already have a healer in the party, get the slayer!
The dungeon drops Zenith Treasure Chests (which drop Tier 14 fodder, alkahests, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, gems, Visionmaker recipes, Mark of Bloodshed, Argon Vitriols and Steadfast gear), Tier 14 fodder, and Zenith Shield Bands.

Shattered Fleet (5-man)
In this dungeon, you'll be boarding three different ships, each with a different BAM to kill. The first one periodically summons a few adds that hurt pretty bad and can inflict slow, so it's best to get rid of them. When his health gets low enough, he will summon Powder Monkey, whom will plant bombs around the area every so often. Get away from these bombs, as they do a LOT of damage and can kill you. The second BAM is a crab; nothing special, but he hurts and he spawns mini-crabs who also hurt. The last BAM is a Vulcan who has two phases:

  1. From 100% to 30% HP, he will summon skeletons at certain HP intervals, one in each corner of the ship. They will all choose a random target from your party and will fire Arcane Pulses at said target, which do a lot of fixed damage at the target (this cannot be blocked with Stand Fast or Cross Parry, but the damage can be absorbed with shields such as Iron Will or Mana Barrier). The target should dodge the Arcane Pulses while everyone else kills all the skeletons. The Vulcan is invincible while the skeletons are alive, so you are forced to kill them in order to continue.
  2. At under 30% HP, the Vulcan will periodically go into an enraged state where he receives a power and attack speed buff. If you pay attention to his buff bar, you'll see a little icon that will last for 5 seconds indicating that he is "being shrouded in darkness" or something like that. When it wears off, he will gain the enrage buff for 30 seconds. This can be interrupted by CCing (crowd-control) the Vulcan during his charge up.You can basically prevent him from ever getting buffed by sleeping/stunning/fearing/etc. him out of it.

The dungeon drops Zenith Treasure Chests (which drop Tier 14 fodder, alkahests, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, gems, Visionmaker recipes, Mark of Bloodshed, Argon Vitriols and Steadfast gear), Tier 14 fodder, Zenith Earrings and Zenith Necklaces.

Kezzel's Gorge (7-man)
In Kezzel's Gorge, your objective is to stop a giant golem from reaching the end of the instance and prevent him from breaking down a gate. Yeah, that's about it. Of course, since he's the only enemy you'll be attacking in the entire dungeon, he has a TON of HP and hits pretty hard. There are three phases in the dungeon to help you stop him, though.

  1. You'll come across three cannons that will get one-shot by the golem when he reaches them, and they also do a ton of damage to him. A debuff stack will be placed on him each time he is hit by a cannon, indicating that he is "massively shocked". At three stacks, he will get knocked down, buying you more time to whittle him down. The debuff lasts 30 seconds regardless if you reapply the stacks or not, so assign three players to move ahead to take control of these cannons and take him down!
  2. In the next phase, three people need to pick up three explosive barrels, place them near Kezzel and blow them up. Just like the cannons, each barrel will place a debuff stack on him. At three stacks, he will get knocked down. Again, the debuff wears off after 30 seconds, so those three who are placing the barrels have to do so within that time.
  3. Finally, once he's reached the gate, there will be a ladder on the cliff to the left which has a switch to activate the spike traps beside the gate, and a cannon will spawn on the clifftops as well. One person should climb up the ladder to take control of the switch/cannon. Be careful with the spike traps, though. They can kill your party as well if they are standing in the line of fire. Once you've killed Kezzel, a treasure chest will spawn in front of the gate. Break it open to collect your loot!

The dungeon drops Zenith Treasure Chests (which drop Tier 14 fodder, alkahests, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, gems, Visionmaker recipes, Mark of Bloodshed, Argon Vitriols and Steadfast gear), Tier 14 fodder, and Molten Tokens which can be traded in for Steadfast gear.

Wonderholme Normal/Hard Mode (10-man)
This dungeon is quite easily puggable as long as everyone knows what they are doing and knows the mechanics; gear ilvl is less important here. It's a huge dungeon, so it can be quite time-consuming. Normal mode mobs don't hit very hard, so you could run this dungeon just fine with +9 Abyss. In hard mode, the trash mobs hit hard, so be careful against them and make sure you're using Stalwart Cruxes.
The dungeon drops Prince's/Monarch's Treasure Chests in Normal/Hard mode respectively, Steadfast/Wonderholme gear in Normal/Hard mode respectively, Tier 14 fodder, Mark of Bloodshed, alkahests, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Vision Documents and many other goodies.

Legacy Dungeons
Note: These are NOT complete instance guides, but it should provide an overview of each instance and is merely to guide you on which dungeons to run and the benefits of completing them.

Manaya's Core Normal/Hard Mode (5-man)
This dungeon was and still is the hardest dungeon in the game. Even if you're overgeared, you NEED to know the mechanics of this dungeon or you will wipe over and over again due to the number of one-shot mechanics that exist here (only in hard mode, normal mode is survivable if you screw up). I highly recommend checking out the full guide to the dungeon here.
The dungeon drops Tier 14 fodder, alkahests, Abyss/Queen's Wrath gear in normal mode, Abyss/Regent's gear in hard mode, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls, Shandra's Quills, Wonderholme gear, Mark of Bloodshed, and many other goodies.

Kelsaik's Sanctuary (10-man/20-man)
Kelsaik's Sanctuary (refered to by many as KN10 for 10-man, or KN20 for 20-man) is TERA's first real raid, and the fights are pretty similar to Kelsaik's Nest Normal/Hard Mode without a lot of the gimmicks. It drops Mayhem gear which is still relevant for PvE, but Steadfast is also easy to obtain and is (arguably) slightly better than Mayhem. The guide of both KNX and KNXX can you found it https://seraphimianua.forumotion.com/t11-knx-and-knxx-guide.

Argon Corpus (5-man)
Argon Corpus is a good dungeon for entry-level 60s to start off in. The enemies don't hit hard, and there are no one-shot mechanics. There are a few gimmicks to watch out for that still hurt. ie. At the bird boss, once his HP drops to a certain point he will start doing the dive bomb gimmick. He starts to fly and announces a target, then proceeds to dive bomb said target a few seconds later. The easiest way for the party to deal with this boss is to have the tank pull him between the two bridges and then just have the targeted player run to a bridge when he does the dive bomb, so he'll get blocked by the edge of the map.
The dungeon drops Tier 14 fodder, alkahests, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Abyss gear, and some other stuff. Not really worth farming.

Temple of Temerity/Sirjuka's Gallery (5-man)
You need to run these dungeons to obtain your master glyphs (level 58/level 60). Master glyphs are either improved versions of existing glyphs and simply replace them, or have completely new effects. Many of them are extremely useful and it is recommended to run these dungeons to get the master glyphs for your class, tho reapers has no masterglyphs yet.

Crucible of Flame (5-man)
Crucible of Flame is a score attack competitive dungeon that you can do for fun. Although it's a bit outdated, it's the only form of competitive PvE in the game thus far and can still provide a decent challenge. The BAMs here can be CC'd, so use this to your advantage!

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Alliance_Ranks

"Factions in TERA are your way to get in good with the locals. Build up your reputation with any number of them by completing quests, running errands, or killing key monsters. Choose wisely, though—most faction quests are daily quests, of which you can only do 10 per day (or 20 for elite players). Inspect each faction carefully before you throw your support behind one of them!" -http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/factions

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Shariar_profile

Located in Zulfikar Fortress, your first quests with the Shariar unlocks at lvl 59, and you get additional ones at lvl 60. As your reputation with the Shariar increases, you receive an increase in available daily quests from this faction: three per day at Neutral, four per day when Favorable, and five per day when Friendly or higher.
The reputation merchants sell some cosmetic items, accessories and Zyrks. The only thing that is really worth getting from this Faction nowadays is the Pristine Succoring Zyrk, and maybe the cosmetic items.

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Invalesco_profile

Located in Pathfinder Post, you'll get quests starting at lvl 59 and unlock additional ones at lvl 60. The Argon War story quest chain, which begins at lvl 58, does involve the Invalesco and completing these quests along with the sidequests at the camps in the region will contribute toward your Invalesco reputation and credits.
It is still recommended to focus on Invalesco, since you will need Cyasmic Oil to craft Visionmaker gear (which you can eventually craft intoNightforge gear, the current endgame set). The reputation merchant also sells other useful items such as Pristine Powerful Zyrks, and cosmetic items.

Hands of Velika
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Hov_profile

Located in Velika, the quests for them unlock at level 60. You'll get more quests per day as your reputation level rises, and high rep also unlocks new quests with greater reputation rewards.
You don't really get anything special from these guys, except for the Popo hats.

Hyderad Legacy
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Hy_Profile_thumb

Located in Bastion, the quests for them unlock at level 60. Higher reputation levels unlock additional quests.
Other than the cosmetic items, the only things that are notable to get are the Pristine Grounding Zyrk, and the Pristine Threatening Zyrk for tanks.

Valsekyr Hunt
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? VK_Profile_thumb

Located in Kanstria, your first quests for them unlock at level 59. This is the only faction that allows you to earn credits and reputation through killing monsters. Certain mobs provide 25 reputation points and 1 reputation credit per kill. Certain BAMs provide 300 reputation points and 25 reputation credits per kill.
The only notable items from the reputation merchants are the Pristine Relentless Zyrk and cosmetic items. You can also trade Cyasma tokens (obtained by killing mobs in Argonea/Granarkus) for Steadfast gear.

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Agnitor_profile

Located in Zulfikar Fortress, the quests for them unlock at level 59, starting with "Boundary Explorer". This is the faction that you will most likely max out your reputation first by doing Nexus Invasion and Nexus Traverse. The Nexus Invasion is a cross-server open-world raid event that takes place in Khanovar Front, Argonea and Granarkus at the northern edge of Shara, while the Nexus Traverse is instanced. The rewards for completing the repeatable quest, "Investigating Nexus Traverse" is very high and it's always worth doing this quest.
The reputation merchants sell many useful items; most notably, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, Agnitor's Plagioclase and Chaos Blocks, as well as the Pristine Griefing Zyrk and Pristine Indomitable Zyrk for PvP. A more detailed guide to the Nexus can be found here.

Jax Trust
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Jax_Profile_thumb

Located in Cutthroat Harbor, the quests for them unlock at level 60. The dailies from this faction, along with Unified Theory Institute, are the most efficient to do due to time required and rewards given (gold and Tier 14 fodder). They also sell unenchantable Tier 14 gear for melee classes which are somewhat similar in base stats compared to +9 Abyss gear.

Unified Theory Institute
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Unified_ProfileThumb
Located in Allemantheia, the quests for them unlock at level 60. The dailies from this faction, along with Jax Trust, are the most efficient to do due to time required and rewards given (gold and Tier 14 fodder). They also sell unenchantable Tier 14 gear for ranged classes which are somewhat similar in base stats compared to +9 Abyss gear.

Located in Velika and Kaiator, there are only two dailies for this faction which are unlocked at level 60. The objective in both of those dailies is to win once in Fraywind Canyon (normal or equalized) and Corsairs' Stronghold. They reward you with a nice amount of Bellicarium reputation and credits, and this can be boosted with a Reputation Boost. I strongly recommend saving your boosts just for these two dailies, especially if you have Elite Status (you can also complete your other dailies as well, so you can turn them all in while your Reputation Boost is still active).
The reputation merchants sell plenty of goodies, including Victor's Orthoclase, Victor's Trophy, Conjunct designs, templates, and accessories, although the accessories are outdated (Conquer Ring, Wind's Whisper). However, since Conquer Rings and Wind's Whispers are extremely cheap now, you can still use these until you get Zenith/Noctenium accessories. You can also buy glyph boxes from here if you don't want to farm ToT/SJG for your master glyphs.

Killing Spree
Located in Velika and Kaiator, you first get acquainted with the Killing Spree faction at level 30, which is when you unlock Corsairs' Stronghold. There are no dailies for this faction. The only way to gain reputation and credits for this faction is to do instanced PvP (Corsairs' Stronghold/Fraywind Canyon/Champions' Skyring), though reputation level is not important.
The reputation merchants sell even more goodies, such as Strikeforce and Nightforge PvP designs, the Bloodrave set, and materials required for Strikeforce and Nightforge PvP gear.

Noctenium Society
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? How_Do_I_Join_thumb

This is an Alliance-exclusive faction. The NPCs are located in each of the Alliance Halls: Enlightened Union (Allemantheia), Free Traders Collective (Velika), and Iron Order (Kaiator) and in each of their Alliance's respective strongholds in the Alliance maps. To join an alliance, you must join a guild that is already in an alliance or form your own guild and join an alliance then. To gain faction credits, you must do Alliance dailies, kill other players and kill alliance mobs. There is a 2800 weekly credit cap from mobs; there also seems to be a cap for credits gained from killing players, amount needs confirmation.
The reputation merchants sell a bunch of goodies, the most notables ones being materals required for Strikeforce and Nightforge PvP gear. This allows you to obtain your PvP gear even faster than ever before.
Note: Considering the amount of dailies that can be done is very limited (20 for Elites, 10 for non-Elites), the factions you should mainly be focusing on are Agnitor, Bellicarium, Invalesco, Jax Trust and Unified Theory Institute. Alliance dailies do not count toward the daily limit, and can be viewed in a separate tab (Alliance Quests).

Gear Sets
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Archer
PvE Sets
Maester/ Adonis/ Steadfast
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? TERA_04_Steadfast

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Steadfast%20wep

Obtainable as a drop from Wonderholme Normal Mode and is also obtainable from Zenith boxes, or you can trade Molten Tokens for them as well (or Cyasma tokens at Valsekyr Hunt). They have much higher base stats than previous gear, but less bonus stats. It has a high chance to masterwork, unlike most gear in the game.

Aphrodite/ Wonderholme 
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? TERA_03_Strikeforce
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Regent%20vs%20wh
Obtainable as a drop from Wonderholme Normal/Hard mode, and at a very low rate from Manaya's Core Hard Mode. There is also a quest called "Occupy Wonderholme" that requires you to clear Wonderholme Normal Mode 60 times, and this will give you recipes for you to craft +10 Wonderholme gear which uses +12 Steadfast gear as a component. This is a step up from Steadfast, but does not have a high chance to masterwork.

Nightforge PvE 
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Vwj5n10

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? 4Axex

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? 23s7lg2

This is the current endgame gear and is craftable only. 
This requires Visionmaker as a component, a Vision Document (begins a quest which hands you all designs for your class as a reward) and various materials:

  • Bandersnatch's Cube - Obtainable from Wonderholme Hard Mode.
  • Metal Overlay - Obtainable from a repeatable quest which is given by Muhrak, the Legendary Blacksmith, in Habere (only after you've completed your Vision Document quest).
  • Mark of Bloodshed - Obtainable from Wonderholme Normal Mode, Zenith Treasure Chests (drops in Channelworks, Shattered Fleet and Kezzel's Gorge), as well as Prince's Treasure Chests (drops in Wonderholme Normal Mode).

PvP Sets
Strikeforce - This is a direct upgrade from Conjunct gear and uses Conjunct as a component. It's relatively cheap to craft, and requires 0 crafting level!

Nightforge PvP 
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? TERA_01_Nightforge
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Abijkm

This is the current endgame gear and is craftable only. It requires Visionmaker OR Bloodrave as a component. The recipes are purchasable from any Killing Spree reputation merchant at Velika or Kaiator. This is much more expensive to craft than Strikeforce and does require level 410 crafting.

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Accessories_zps1afc5410
Zenith Set

  • Zenith Necklace - Increases attack speed by 6% and has 1 rollable line
  • Zenith Earring - Has 2 rollable lines
  • Zenith Shield Band - Increases crit rate by 8 and has 2 rollable lines

Set Bonuses:

  • 2 piece - Inflicts an extra 3% damage and Increases healing 3%
  • 3 piece - Attack Speed increases by 4%

Noctenium Accessories

  • Powerful Noctenium Ring - Inflicts an extra 3% damage and has 2 rollable lines
  • Seasonal Nocteniun Ring - Increases aggro by 3% and has 2 rollable lines
  • Improved Noctenium Ring - Increases healing by 5% and has 2 rollable lines
  • Sharp Noctenium Earring - Has 2 rollable lines

The following accessories are the more powerful versions of the above. However, you cannot use Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls to reroll the stats, so you'll have to get lucky and find ones with the perfect stats.

  • Ring of Pain - Inflicts an extra 3% damage and has 2 random lines
  • Heart's Defense - Increases aggro by 3% and has 2 random lines
  • Band of Health - Increases healing by 5% and has 2 random lines
  • Cascade of Desire - Has 2 random lines

Legacy Gear Sets
Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? E5f23163b2f05cd7a9c83b895ee01e9f

PvE Sets
Agnitor - The entry-level Tier 14 equipment; these pieces drop from Nexus Traverse and can also be purchased from the Agnitor Reputation merchant. They are fairly easy to obtain and the base stats are only slightly lower than Abyss/Queen's Wrath.

Abyss/Queen's Wrath - Argon Corpus/Manaya's Core Normal/Hard Mode drops. Abyss and Queen's Wrath gear have the exact same base stats. However, Queen's Wrath gear can be used as templates (there is no Queen's Wrath weapon).

Dismay - Obtained from Kelsaik's Sanctuary 10-man. This gear set has the exact same stats as Abyss/Queen's Wrath (but it looks pretty cool), and it is Bind-on-Pickup (BoP), meaning it's automatically soulbound to your character once you pick it up.

Regent's - Obtained from Manaya's Core Hard Mode. These aren't very expensive and have higher base stats than Abyss/QW/Dismay.

Mayhem - Obtained from Kelsaik's Sanctuary 20-man. This gear set has the exact same stats as Regent's, except the weapon and chest have an extra rollable line, like Visionmaker. Mayhem gear is BoP, has a higher chance to masterwork and has a permanent +3% masterwork bonus. All rollable lines automatically have perfect stats as well, and no other gear in the game has this trait. Because of that, plus the extra rollable line on weapon/chest, the Mayhem set is almost equal to Visionmaker for PvE and is much easier to obtain in comparison. It's still relevant in PvE even now.

Visionmaker - This used to be the endgame gear of all endgame gear; the pieces are craftable only but are NOT soulbound when crafted (you can craft this gear for alts). This is a hybrid set and is still very good in PvE, but unfortunately, very outdated in PvP. It required a lot of farming and mats from both PvE and PvP elements and level 410 crafting for your appropriate weapon/armor type. The mats are much easier to obtain since the Dungeon Assault update, since you have to use this set as a component for Nightforge PvE.

PvP Sets

Fraywind - The enchantable T13 PvP gear. Cannot be masterworked. It actually has slightly higher base stats than Conjunct gear at +9 (until you masterwork the Conjunct pieces). It should be noted that the base stats for this set are equal to Abyss/Queen's Wrath sets, just with PvP lines instead; but remember, it cannot be masterworked.

Noctenium - The enchantable T14 PvP gear, and masterworkable. This set is somewhere inbetween Fraywind and Conjunct in terms of base stats. At +12, it's basically like having +12 Fraywind gear. This armor is easy to craft and easy to masterwork.

Conjunct - Enchantable and masterworkable. This is the set most people used to have for PvP and until you masterwork each piece, will actually have slightly lower base stats than Fraywind gear. The difference is pretty negligible, though. It also has more rollable lines unlike previous PvP gear, which can make a huge difference.

Bloodrave - The Bloodrave set is purchasable only from the Killing Spree NPCs in any major city (Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator). They are already +12 masterworked in the shop, but you must be rank 1200, 1500 or 2000 or higher in Champions' Skyring before you are even allowed to purchase the gloves/boots, top, and weapon, respectively.

Visionmaker - This used to be the best gear set in the game, and although it is outdated for PvP now, either Visionmaker or Bloodrave pieces are required as components for Nightforge PvP.
Making Gold
As a fresh 60, there are a number of ways to make gold to gear yourself up. Of course, there are safer, more stable methods and there are much riskier ones, like playing the market. If you want a guaranteed source of income, there are a few things you can do everyday to build up on cash.

Earning money

Labyrinth of Terror
I would suggest looking up videos of this, but it's a simple dungeon to solo at level 60. Kill the three minibosses when you go down the first set of stairs for Masterwork Alkahest (they also drop Refined Alkahest, so sometimes you may end up getting 0 Masterwork Alkahest from these minibosses). All the bosses can also drop Masterwork Alkahest, and Killian will drop Master Enigmatic Scrolls and a bunch of other crap. With rookie buff, Killian will usually drop 4-5 Master Enigmatic Scrolls, and 3 without it, but don´t run the whole run, is pointless considering the price of the crystals, just make the 3 minibosses.

Kelsaik's Nest Normal Mode
Lancers can easily solo this dungeon. With Priest buffs, it makes this 1000x easier. You can either fight Kelsaik normally, or Infuriate him to skip a few mechanics. Look up videos or guides on doing this. He will usually drop 4-5 Master Enigmatic Scrolls with rookie buff, or 3 without it, along with a bunch of other crap.

Temple of Temerity/Sirjuka Gallery
These dungeons are still good to farm, even if you already have all your master glyphs. The Practicum/Dire Badges and Silver/Gold Talents are always in demand and will make you some nice cash.
If you make a good 3 entries on SG you get 9 gold talents and 6 MWA and the dires you get on TOT are also rewarding.

I highly recommend running Nexus regularly as the rep merchants sell many useful items, such as Master Enigmatic Scrolls, crystals, fodder, etc.

Ok, I am not on level 60, now what? Endgame_8_thumb

Jax Trust and Unified Theory Institute have the easiest dailies; of course, other factions also have dailies that don't ask you to do much, but JT and UTI don't have a large pool of quests and most of them are easy to complete.
For Jax Trust, always do the following dailies:

  • Hungry for Profits
  • Market Research
  • Human Resources*
  • Gentle Reminders*
  • Back to the Beach

If you have Elite Status, you can make use of that Village Atlas by also doing Routine Delivery and Urgent Delivery.
*Human Resources is only available with Friendly reputation, while Gentle Reminders is only available with Revered reputation
For Unified Theory Institute, always do the following dailies:

  • Starting at the Bottom
  • Borrowing a Book
  • Pop Quiz*
  • Mechanics of Magic*
  • Fusion Confusion*

If you have Elite Status, you can make use of that Village Atlas by also doing Delivering Papers.
*These are quizzes where you will have to go to the Arcane Symposium to read a book, then go back and answer a random question. It's quick when you know all the answers. However, if you get it wrong, you’ll have to go back to the Arcane Symposium again to find the right answer. Don't worry though, the questions are pretty easy and it's multiple choice!

Channelworks/Shattered Fleet/Kezzel's Gorge
These dungeons can be run daily (twice daily for Elites) for the Zenith Treasure Chests, which can be sold on the Auction House. You may also reset your entry limit to these dungeons with Instance Reset Scrolls.

Since the new patch they broght the Etnicing and also points to be able rather craft or rather gathering, now its very profitable gather herbs, essences or rocks on several parts of TERA to get the materials and also the scarabs, a new material very rewarding to sell on broker. You should go with a party (at least 2 members) to gather together so you incrse the chances to critical (yes you can make critical hits on gathering) and get the more higher number of scarabs as possible.

There are two ways of gather:

Non-alliance territory: You go with a party of 5 people and gather on special places to take as many herbs, rocks or essences as you can, you will gather on this way materials that you can use for craft and sell as well as scarabs, price of scarabs has increased a lot but its still worthy

Alliance territory: You go alone with all the speed movement boost you can get (fleetfoot crux, speed potion, gatherfaster scroll, swift charm...) and you go to craft ores, flux and seedpots on the alliance, you get no scarab but the materials are quite expensive and rewarding.


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